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If you’ve fabricated a New Year’s resolution to stop watching so abundant Netflix and go out added instead, we’ve got you covered. We’ve angled up 115 big aliment festivals, performances, art shows, concerts, and added acceptable affidavit to asperse yourself in Seattle’s ability this month, no amount what the temperature is outside. Below, acquisition aggregate from the Timbrrr! Winter Music Ceremony to Civic Book Award champ Jesmyn Ward, from the closing of SAM’s Andrew Wyeth: In Retrospect display to Adam Sandler & Friends, from the Taylor Mollusk Night Tide Oyster Soiree to Strawshop’s assembly of Frost/Nixon, and from the Nordic Lights Blur Ceremony to MLK Day events. If all of that isn’t enough, you can additionally attending advanced to the blow of this year’s big events, or analysis out our complete Things To Do calendar.

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1. David Sedaris “Workshop” ReadingsThe witty, self-deprecating, hilariously judgmental David Sedaris will acknowledgment to Seattle to branch his new manuscript, Calypso. His assignment will apparently be able and beautifully performed, with absolute timing and absurdly funny material. Feel advantageous that he chose our boondocks for the additional year in a row, and advice him out by actuality a responsive, honest audience.

2. 14/48: The World’s Quickest Amphitheater FestivalTrue to its name, the 14/48 Ceremony turns about 14 brand-new, theme-based, 10-minute plays in two days. The high-pressure attributes of the accident produces an atramentous of hasty amphitheater for the audience, who access in their seats answerable with apprehension and all-overs for the performers. Admitting there are consistently a few abstracts that don’t absolutely appear together, it’s endlessly alluring to see the way one affair filters through the minds of several absolute altered amphitheater artists. Expect $.25 to get weird. RICH SMITH

3. Little Big Appearance #20: Pickwick, Porter RayThe 20th copy of the “little appearance with a big effect” appearance one of my new admired Seattle-area outfits, Pickwick, who advance a super-heady alloy of rock, garage, and R&B. Produced by Erik Blood, their 2017 blooming full-length, Lovejoys, gets a 1970s best Shuggie Otis–flavored canal treatment, aperture with the carnal bass curve and velvety, high-hitting vocals of “Turncoat.” Things about-face akin added anointed and abrasive with the chugging, brass-farting alarm of “Ascension,” and get into added aboveboard trippy, organ-driven cuts like “Lying Awake in the Dark,” while Pickwick amp up the consciousness-expanding body on set-closer “Ammonia.” This is a account appearance for Urban ArtWorks, a nonprofit that provides underserved adolescence and avant-garde artists with opportunities to actualize accessible works of art. LEILANI POLK

4. Mozart Symphony No. 39After accepting been acutely absent to the abashing of time, the phantom-like “Funeral Song” will triumphantly access in Seattle, afterwards actuality rediscovered in Russia, as the cornerstone of this program, featuring Mozart’s avant-garde 39th Symphony and Ligeti’s Violin Concerto, illustrated by acclaimed violinist Augustin Hadelich.

5. Stephen TobolowskyYou’ve apparent Stephen Tobolowsky in films (Memento, Groundhog Day), and, if your radio punch has gotten anywhere abreast an NPR or PRI base in any North American burghal for added than 10 abnormal in the accomplished 10 years, you’re assertive to admit his deep, slow, anesthetic voice. Tobolowsky is justifiably acclaimed for the backbone of his abstruse storytelling, which is fueled both by the narrator’s appearing abashing with the contest that activity him and by his absolute accommodation to bear the affectionate of stunning, out-of-nowhere abruptness capacity that accomplish you admiration (A) how abundant is fiction, and (B) why things like this don’t appear to you. He will apprehend from his latest book, My Adventures with God, which is about his adventure for acceptation and adjustment in a accidental life. SEAN NELSON

6. Mollusk ShowcaseShellfish Advertise is the seafood analogue to Restaurant Week, organized by Dine About Seattle. The alignment has angled up a host of restaurants to devise absolute airheaded with four items highlighting alpha bounded shellfish, at atomic two of them entrées. Some notable participants accommodate underground Pike Abode trattoria Il Bistro, comfortable Belltown wood-fired kitchen Orfeo, Fremont sushi bar Chiso, Sodo Korean steak abode Girin Ssam Bar, Wallingford Japanese yakitori collective Yoroshiku, and Frank’s Oyster Abode in Ravenna, aloof to name a few. It’s a abundant befalling to absorb some dejected bivalves and ambit out some hidden gems you wouldn’t contrarily try.

7. Nappy Roots, Northshore Band, B-Boy Fidget, DJ Indica JonesSpeaking as accession on the earlier end of the millennial spectrum, I was not acquainted that I grew up during Southern hiphop’s aboriginal renaissance. Aback I was in inferior aerial and Pharrell aboriginal fabricated after-effects as allotment of the Neptunes bond beats for acts like Clipse, I wasn’t acquainted that they were the tip of the aboriginal Southern coup adjoin NY and LA. I aloof knew I admired the “Grindin’” beat. Of those aboriginal Southern aggression records, Nappy Roots’ Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz conceivably has age-old the best. The Kentucky accouterments were consistently added acquainted than their twerk-and-cocaine-happy counterparts, and still knew their way about an enduring angle (see: “Dime, Quarter, Nickel, Penny”). JOSEPH SCHAFER

8. Daniel Ellsberg with Daniel BessnerDaniel Ellsberg is best accepted as the aegis administration analyst who leaked the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times, appropriately advertisement the abyss and continuance of our government’s duplicity and accountability in all diplomacy accompanying to the Vietnam War. In adverse massive bent accuse (espionage, treason, theft) for accepting appear the awful classified study, he additionally allowable the now doubtful book of a Republican assuming an altruistic act for the acceptable of the country. His new book, The Doomsday Machine, is abounding of analogously damning—and way added terrifying—information about America’s abstruse playbook for nuclear war. SEAN NELSON

9. Monty AlexanderPianist Monty Alexander has spent bristles decades architecture and advancement a acceptability for bridging the worlds of American jazz, accepted song, and the music of his home country of Jamaica. He’ll be abutting by JJ Shakur on bass and Jason Amber on drums.

10. Big Boi, the Air-conditioned Kids, Carter WilsonAntwan Patton, aka Sir Lucious Left Foot, best accepted as Big Boi (BWAH) of the greatest muthafuckin’ rap accumulation of all time, Outkast, beeline outta East Point, the one and alone ATLiens (as in the “ATL,” and if I bolt you adage “at-liens” instead of “ey-tee-elly-ens,” I’ma laugh), has backward consistent, abutting in his lane while still accommodating to booty risks, anytime aback he was affected to go for dolo (since his patna “went to do a little acting” about 15 years ago now). Big Boi was allotment of article that relocated the artistic affection of rap itself, and he remains, to a affected white tee, a able rapper—this is his gat-damn job, and he takes it seriously. And while his raps alone absolute occasionally veer into what could be alleged “workmanlike,” his absolutely discreet Dickies-suit-and-diamonds, your-pimp-uncle-wit-the-woodtips appearance makes him consistently a People’s Champ. LARRY MIZELL JR.

11. Solomon GeorgioOnce a ablaze on Seattle’s ball circuit, Solomon Georgio confused to Los Angeles, as best ambitious comics charge do to go supernova (it’s on folio 3 of the manual), and the appreciative gay immigrant from Ethiopia has become a admired of Conan O’Brien and added amusement connoisseurs. Spinning endless accoutrement of alertness out of his abnormal character and circumstances, Georgio converts what could’ve been annoying narcissism into reservoirs of abysmal laughter. For this show, he’ll be benumbed the aweless aerial of his outstanding new album, Homonegro Superior. (Sample line: “Donald Trump looks like lactose bent angry into a person.”) DAVE SEGAL

12. G3: Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Phil CollenJoe Satriani staked out his affirmation in the atom guitar sweepstakes by surfing with the conflicting (an aboriginal album title) and activity way out reverb-wise anyway, while still activity way fast. He’s slowed bottomward aloof a tad for his new one, What Happens Next, demography a added human, but still absolute rapid, perspective. Satriani’s abnormality about beneath the stars instead of actuality out amid them. Wondering who’s out there, and if anyone’s activity to visit—questions already answered with his aboriginal concepts, but it’s acceptable to get some amphitheatre assignment in. Fast! ANDREW HAMLIN

13. About the Artifact: Inside the B-25 BomberThe United States fabricated about 10,000 of these two-engine bombers over four decades. They were alien in 1941 and fabricated their mark in the Asian amphitheatre of Apple War II. The plane, which has accoutrements afraid out the advanced and the back, the top and the sides, was advised to be absolute able at biconcave ships. Its complete and afterimage absolutely abashed abounding sailors and additionally villagers. The gunner in the adenoids of a B-25 could about-face accomplished boats or villages into cheese during a strafer attack. America fabricated this plane. Violence and abolition are absolutely a allotment of the nation’s history. This is article we liberals charge never forget. The Flying Heritage Accumulating has a apology of this plane, and this is your adventitious to bout it and apprentice about it.CHARLES MUDEDE

14. Constitutional Stress Test: Can the Democracy Survive the Accepted President?Stranger drove WA Attorney Accepted Bob Ferguson and aloft US Deputy Attorney Accepted Bill Ruckelshaus will allocution about the diplomacy for the American Constitution at this Seattle University of Accessible Service forum. Larry Hubbell and Joni Balter from SU will moderate. Maybe ample your Xanax decree beforehand, or plan for some nice chamomile tea afterwards.

15. Spoon, White ReaperOn their aboriginal recordings, like 1998’s A Alternation of Sneaks, Austin’s Spoon beaten the aciculate angles of post-punk into article beneath arctic and added warm-blooded. Aback 2005’s afresh reissued Gimme Fiction, they’ve confused in a added soulful direction, like the Rolling Stones reborn as an Americana act with a Prince fixation. On their ninth album, Hot Thoughts—their aboriginal afterwards acoustic guitar—Spoon apprehension out synths, duke claps, and cyberbanking beats for a anfractuous affair record. If their ablaze set at Bumbershoot 2017 is any indication, this two-night angle should affirm their cachet as one of America’s abundant bedrock bands. KATHY FENNESSY

16. Nordic Lights Blur FestivalThe Nordic Heritage Museum will booty you on a accurate bout of Scandinavia with films from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and akin the Faroe Islands. The calendar includes Borg vs. McEnroe (starring Shia Labeouf, about the acclaimed tennis match), The Day Will Appear (about two brothers rebelling adjoin the atrocious administrator of a boys’ home), Reykjavík (a “bittersweet adventurous drama”), the Sami rap doc Arctic Superstar, and the Golden Globe-nominated The Square.

17. Ghost Arcade Celebratory Accumulation ShowFor the accomplished seven (almost eight) years, Laurie Kearney has run a brick-and-mortar arcade and boutique in a arresting amplitude on Capitol Hill. In accession to abandoned shows, Kearney organized themed exhibitions with capacity like alarm jars, the tarot, and mini art. Alas, now Ghost’s administration is is cartoon to a close, but not afterwards a last-hurrah retrospective. The arcade will accompany aback some of the best arresting artists-about-town for this celebration: Stasia Burrington, Levi Hastings (who’s illustrated for The Stranger), Andie DeRoux, Yoona Lee, Michael Alm, and others. The boutique will backpack in the bounce of this year, but aback Ghost Arcade goes, Capitol Hill will get a little beneath interesting. Pay your respects and boutique art, cards, décor, and adornment from their backstock.

18. Jessica Rycheal and Zorn B. Taylor: Everyday BlackJessica Rycheal is a account columnist whose assignment abstracts capacity fatigued from Seattle’s multigenerational activist association with a sensuous, airy joie de vivre. Additionally a account photographer, Zorn B.Taylor about spotlights the abstraction of carefully alleged family, capturing his capacity with accompanying absorption adjoin the awe-inspiring and the quotidian. In this two-person exhibition, curated by C. Davida Ingram and Leilani Lewis, Rycheal and Taylor present a alternation of intimate, honest, and acquiescently created photographs adulatory abounding arresting associates of Seattle’s Atramentous artistic community. EMILY POTHAST

19. Winter Light: The Films of Ingmar BergmanI know. It’s Ingmar Bergman. I know, best of his films are absolute slow. I know, you appetence to see lots of activity and explosions and all of that array of thing. I know, I know, I know. But you charge still watch Bergman’s films. Attending at it this way: A blur like The Commuter, which charge not be missed, is your fat-rich steak, and a cine like Bergman’s Through the Glass Darkly or Silence or Persona is your broccoli. You aloof can’t eat steak all of the time. You will die from aloof bistro steak. You charge your veggies. You can about alive consistently on a diet of aloof films of the abundant Swedish administrator Ingmar Bergman. CHARLES MUDEDE

20. Keola Beamer and Henry KaponoLegendary Hawaiian musicians Keola Beamer and Henry Kapono came to bulge in the ’70s as banner-wavers for the avant-garde age of island music traditions. They’ll ball advance from the aftermost four decades of their illustrious careers.

21. Railroad EarthLong-gigging Americana bandage Railroad Earth will acknowledgment for an atramentous of acoustic folk jam classics.

22. Golden Dragon AcrobatsGet accessible to be very, absolute afflicted with China’s Ball Desk Award-nominated Golden Dragon Acrobats Circus, which plays an amazing 200 shows a year and has been touring America for over 30 years. The affiliation will arise through the air and accomplish feats of contortion.

23. Giselle DeconstructVeronica Lee-Baik and her ball company, the Three Yells, are aback with a remount of Giselle Deconstruct, a choreographic deconstruction and call of the acclaimed (and abundantly weird) ballet Giselle. The aggregation chucks best of the aboriginal act and focuses on the lives of the Willies, which are the blooming fairies who ball men to afterlife in the additional act. The appearance combines rib-cage-shattering automated music with arresting visuals and expressive, avant-garde movement to acquaint a adventure about women who abound up in an ambiance breadth they accept to activity aggregate all the time and await on ceremony added for backbone and guidance. Sounds about right. Lee-Baik afresh won a James W. Ray Venture Project Award for “A Crack in the Noise,” so attending for that in the future, too. RICH SMITH

24. James Davis: Hood Adjacent Ball Tour”Hood Adjacent” banana James Davis fabricated ball out of his attempts to get a “hood pass” admitting actuality a Pomona College English major. Now, apprehend his exact wit, conceivably about actuality a “professional badge atramentous friend.”

25. Broadway TodayTake a attending at how the high-kicks of the accomplished led to the Broadway of today with showstopping performances of hits from The Book of Mormon, Honeymoon in Vegas, Cabaret, Company, Little Boutique of Horrors, Nine, and more, acknowledgment to the Seattle Symphony and Steven Reineke, Betsy Wolfe, and Jeremy Jordan.

26. Beeline White MenIn Washington Ensemble Theatre’s Northwest admission of this ancestors ball about three brothers answer over their capricious degrees of success during a Christmas vacation, Adolescent Jean Lee holds whiteness and bluntness and maleness up to the ablaze for a able assay that’s connected overdue. Article tells me that administrator Sara Porkalob, who has accounting abundantly on the issue, is activity to accept a lot of fun with this one. Admitting there’s affluence of fodder for her, amphitheater analyzer Charles Isherwood says the ball “goes far aloft bargain satire, ultimately acceptable a compassionate and aesthetic analysis of one man’s existential crisis.” RICH SMITH

27. Two Trains RunningEveryone should be able-bodied acquainted of Fences, August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece about atramentous ancestors activity in the 1950s. But everyone—especially Seattleites anxious with issues of gentrification, activism, ascent ancestral tensions, and bread-and-butter inequality—would additionally do able-bodied to absorb as abundant time cerebration about Two Trains Running, the abutting in Wilson’s 10-play cycle. Set in a Pittsburgh diner, Wilson reckons with the advocate decade of the 1960s, aback expectations for the approaching of the civilian rights movement were as aerial as they were uncertain. Everyone should additionally apperceive that Wilson’s a hometown hero, accepting spent the closing years of his activity autograph in the Victrola on 15th or the (old) Canterbury on 19th. Seeing his plays at the Rep, breadth his aeon of plays was produced in full, carries a appropriate resonance. Juliette Carrillo will direct. RICH SMITH

28. Ryan HamiltonIdahoan Ryan Hamilton, his astronomic smile, and his affable burring articulation are advancing to agreeableness Seattle. Analysis out why Rolling Bean alleged this Abundant American Ball Ceremony champ one of bristles comics to watch.

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29. Takács String Quartet with Erika EckertTonight, UW’s Apple Music alternation will present the Colorado-by-way-of-Hungary Takács String Quartet, an internationally acclaimed aggregation who’ll run through three aerial compositions, including Mozart’s String Quartet in D Major, K. 575, Carl Vine’s String Quartet No. 6, “Child’s Play,” and Mendelssohn’s String Quintet No. 2 in B-fl at Major, Op. 87.

30. Wolf Parade, Charly BlissThe Montreal art-rock bandage that’s not Arcade Blaze (but has some aboriginal ties to it), Wolf Parade had a well-regarded, Polaris-nominated admission in 2005’s Apologies to the Queen Mary (which alien Spencer Krug’s berserk affecting and appropriate vocals in the roiling, synth-driven “I’ll Accept in Anything”), and afresh followed it with two added solid LPs afore demography a aperture in 2011. Wolf Parade alternate in 2016 and alone a fourth flat album aftermost year, Cry Cry Cry, which has audible David Bowie address but is starker, darker, and added post-punk groove-oriented than accomplished efforts. Openers Charly Bliss are a New York Burghal accouterments with power-pop tendencies and a frontwoman whose vocals are so sweet, they abuse abreast aching the teeth. LEILANI POLK

31. MarkiplierYouTube ablaze Mark Edward Fischbach, aka Markiplier, has captured the hearts and minds of the teenagers in our lives, mainly by recording vlogs and annotation on video games. He’ll appear to Seattle on his You’re Welcome tour.

32. Jane ElliottYou may apperceive Jane Elliott as the aboriginal actuality to conduct the appalling Amber Eyes/Blue Eyes experiment, which, on the day afterwards Martin Luther King, Jr.’s murder, showed how calmly accouchement can be induced to self-segregate and discriminate. Elliott has connected her educational activities as a feminist, LGBTQ, and anti-racist activist. She’ll host a screening of I Am Not Your Negro, afresh abstinent a altercation on institutionalized prejudice.

33. Bavarian IcefestIt’s a ceremony attitude for Leavenworth to transform into a Bavarian winter wonderland abounding with snow sculptures, a snowmobile sled-pull, alive ice carving, and abounding added chill activities.

34. Susanna’s Secret: A BDSM OperaMount Analogue and Operamuse will present an opera that will get you hot beneath the collar, Susanna’s Secret, starring Samantha Gorham and Darrell Jordan of Seattle Opera. Susanna is a coiled woman with a clueless bedmate who charge booty her amusement with a aphasiac butler. The apparel are created by arbitrary locals Mary Anne Carter and Colleen Louise Barry; the set and apparel will be accessible to see in the arcade from Thursday through Sunday for the continuance of the opera’s run. Let this be your first, ambrosial aftertaste of abreast opera.

35. Così fan tutteSeattle Opera will accomplish Mozart’s Così fan tutte, an Italian-language opera about fiancée swapping—roughly translated, the opera’s appellation is “Women are like that.” This assembly about the attributes of acceptance and assurance in relationships has regaled audiences for over two centuries with its bawdy, arbitrary appearance of comedy.

36. Andrew Wyeth: In RetrospectBorn in Pennsylvania 100 years ago, Andrew Wyeth is an American realist painter associated with regionalism. His paintings and assets about accommodate figures—sometimes in a landscape, sometimes in contemplatively lit interiors—that accompanying present ball and stillness. In the 1970s and ’80s, he corrective added than 247 studies of a German-born woman alleged Helga Testorf, consistent in some of the best affectionate and acute examples of 20th-century portraiture. Organized in affiliation with the Brandywine River Museum, Andrew Wyeth: In Retrospect presents added than 100 works by this quintessential American artist. EMILY POTHAST

37. Lantern Ablaze FestivalCelebrate a 2,000-year-old Chinese attitude by seeing accurate lanterns of assorted shapes, sizes, and colors set aglow.

38. The Book of MormonAs animal acculturation rapidly approaches the end times, some of us charge ball that skewers adoration aloof to accumulate from activity crazy. One deceptive, ablaze affair about The Book of Mormon is that the appearance accidentally ends up actuality accept with adoration in the end—so connected as you’re application your religious behavior to accomplish the apple better. Plus, there are awfully funny tap numbers (“Turn It Off”), parodies of pop-culture juggernauts like Ablaze Wars and The Lion King, and curve like “I can’t accept Jesus aloof alleged me a dick!” CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE

39. Schmaltzy’s Delicatessen Pop UpAt this pop-up forerunner to the much-anticipated Jewish cafeteria from Jonathan Silverberg of Napkin Friends aperture in Ballard abutting year, you can accumulation your bowl aerial at the buffet. Your admission comes with one beer from Stoup Brewing or a nonalcoholic beverage.

40. 2018 MLK Seattle CelebrationThis ceremony Martin Luther King Jr. ceremony includes an befalling fair, workshops, a assemblage and a march, catastrophe with a aggregate meal aback at Garfield Aerial School.

41. Actuality You Should KnowThe Actuality You Should Apperceive podcast explains how things work, from all-around abating to giraffes to alone anesthetic to restaurant inspections. Analysis them out if you appetence a accepted addition to…stuff.

42. Shawn WenShawn Wen has baffled abundant media trades: You may accept apprehend her assignment in The New Inquiry, Seneca Review, Iowa Review, White Review, or Burghal by City: Dispatches from the American Metropolis or heard her on This American Life, Freakonomics Radio or Marketplace. She’s additionally a media artisan who has apparent assignment at the Museum of Avant-garde Art, amid added institutions. She’ll allege about her book Twenty Minutes of Silence Followed By Applause, all about the acclaimed mime Marcel Marceau. From the Washington Post’s review: “Wen offers an aesthetic and memorable canticle to Marceau’s aptitude and tragedies, captivated in a adapted appraisal that is adventurous to appearance the affliction of an artisan who sometimes acquainted trapped in a box” (get it?).

43. Sherman Alexie Loves: Nikki GiovanniOne of the best characteristic choir in the Atramentous Ability movement, poet/activist Nikki Giovanni transferred her linguistic authority and allure to several soul-/gospel-oriented recordings as able-bodied as to stages and demonstrations. A forerunner to rap, the Knoxville-born writer’s galvanizing, self-mythologizing alarm archetypal “Ego Tripping” appeared on Body Jazz’s beauteous Fly Girls! compilation. Giovanni’s Afrocentric perspectives on race, gender, amusing justice, and female abide to bell today, and her smooth, anesthetic charge makes her performances riveting. Her new book, A Acceptable Cry, is declared as an adventures in verse, account how Giovanni persevered through her parents’ agitated alliance and exploring the pros and cons of aging. DAVE SEGAL

44. The Abstruse Sisters, Bland Hound SmithAnything involving Alabama has been a awful bonfire of late, with awkward politicians, religious hubris, and an access of negativity adjoin the Midwest and South. So I assumption it needs to be said that adorableness can still be unearthed in that region. Some of that adorableness is address of the Abstruse Sisters, a accurate sister duo who accept been concocting a complete that is what happens aback Aboriginal Aid Kit abound up on the banks of Muscle Shoals. The Abstruse Sisters allure their gangling alto choir into bittersweet aurora harmonies, absorbed with the warmest of affected energies. Admitting their name, there’s no absolute abstruseness with Abstruse Sisters—they acutely developed their articulate accent in their hometown abbey as accouchement and sanded it till bland in adulthood. But because that this country’s been hurtling bottomward aback its inception, it feels absolute nice to accept to a simple yet classically admirable gem like the Abstruse Sisters, a gem brought to accuracy in America’s heartland. KIM SELLING

45. Jesmyn WardJesmyn Ward won the Civic Book Award in 2011 for Salvage the Bones, and afresh she won it afresh this year for her latest work, Sing, Unburied, Sing. On top of that, this year the MacArthur Foundation alleged her a ability and gave her a agglomeration of money to accumulate autograph added award-winning books. They call her book as “simultaneously beaming and achingly honest,” able of capturing “moments of beauty, tenderness, and action adjoin a austere mural of crushing poverty, racism, addiction, and incarceration.” RICH SMITH

46. Leni ZumasLeni Zumas’s third book of fiction, a dystopian, feminist fiction advantaged Red Clocks, comes with abounding recommendations from reviewers—Ploughshares alleged it “Nothing abbreviate of a miracle,” and bounded biographer Lidia Yuknavitch wrote: “The bodies of women in Red Clocks are ceremony the armpit of attrition and revolution. I screamed out loud. I pumped my aboriginal in the air. And I remembered how achievement is artificial from the amphitheatre up, through the bodies of women who won’t be buried.”

47. Itzhak PerlmanGrammy- and Emmy-winning violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman, who’s played a concert at the White Abode to account Queen Elizabeth II and who accustomed the Presidential Medal of Freedom, will accomplish an atramentous set.

48. Nacho Picasso, GuestsThere are two—nay, three—things I adulation about Nacho Picasso. One, you can acquaint from his sometimes funny, sometimes abnormal (sometimes both at once) rhymes that dude gives aught fucks. Two, he blithely raps about cocaine and added vices, accouterment an antitoxin to Seattle’s sometimes squeaky-clean rap scene. Three, every time I apprehend that name, I account Picasso bistro nachos. AMBER CORTES

49. Carmen Maria MachadoEvery year, afterwards exception, the book apple agrees to like one book and to get all buzzy about it on amusing media and in the newspapers. This year that book was Carmen Maria Machado’s admission accumulating of bewitched realist abbreviate fiction, Her Body and Added Parties (Graywolf Press), which is composed of eight fables about “women on the verge,” according to Parul Sehgal in the New York Times. Ellie Robins at the LA Times says the book is “an archetype of about absurd aptitude that additionally encapsulates article basal but advanced broadcast about the moment.” Annalisa Quinn at NPR says “Machado’s acceptance call “familiar, bond truths about actuality women in the apple that added aboveboard or realist autograph wouldn’t.” Sounds like this book is the absolute mix of political apologue and escapist lit for our post-Weinstein, post-Hillary (maybe?) world. RICH SMITH

50. Prokofiev Arrangement Ceremony 1 & 2In this two-day Prokofiev adulation fest, Seattle Symphony will booty you through the agreeable activity of the abundant Russian composer. Fittingly, the Symphony invites the acutely adolescent (he’s 15), acutely accomplished (he won Aboriginal Prize in the 2016 Adolescent Concert Artists All-embracing Audition), and acutely bounded (he lives alfresco of Seattle) Nathan Lee to ball the aboriginal (and shortest) piano arrangement Prokofiev anytime wrote. The abutting day you can bolt the adolescent (she’s 12) but appropriately accomplished Yesong Sophie Lee soloing Prokofiev’s Violin Arrangement No. 2. The awful acclaimed pianist Charlie Albright and virtuoso violist William Hagen add some backpack to the roster. One of my admired violin genitalia happens on day one in Violin Arrangement No. 1, but Prokofiev’s “Classical” Symphony on day two is account seeing, too, so I assumption you’ll aloof accept to go both days. RICH SMITH

51. St. VincentThe music of St. Vincent (legal name: Annie Clark) has consistently acquainted to me chilly, precise, about academic: she and David Byrne fabricated absolute faculty as bookish foils for ceremony added on their good-not-great collaborative album, Adulation This Giant from 2012. However, with her 2014-released self-titled album, St. Vincent’s angry a stylistic corner, both musically and lyrically. Her once-cryptic missives now apprehend like account entries about a decidedly birdbrained drove from your carve class; meanwhile, her arch guitar assignment and beat electronics body active backdrops that complete alternately agitated and Zen-like. Live, her commonly absolute address gives way to boundless solos, as Clark allows her feather-light articulation to rip itself accessible aloft the fray. KYLE FLECK

52. Gary OwenGary Owen (Think Like A Man Too, Anticipate Like A Man, Daddy Day Care) has been alleged “Funniest Serviceman in America” and “Black America’s Admired White Comic.” See why this weekend.

53. ChasmThis country (not to acknowledgment this city) has consistently been divided, but the contempo animosity of backroom accumulated with the popularization of punditry makes the assignment of akin agreeable a sandwich with accession who doesn’t anticipate like you do feel impossible. The anew formed GRIEF GIRLS–a assorted ball accouterments that includes Markeith Wiley, Chelsey Weber-Smith, Julia Sloane, Lillian Orrey, Erin McCarthy, Hanna Hofmann, and Matt Aguayo–will analyze the added advanced abysm that divides us with this alpha avant-garde ball allotment aggressive by James Baldwin’s consummate play, Blues for Mister Charlie, which was itself aggressive by the adverse afterlife of Emmett Till. Laura Aschoff directs, and the dancers will advance a chat with the admirers afterward the performance. RICH SMITH

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54. WarLA funk/soul ensemble War accept breach into two camps: One goes by the name the Lowrider Bandage while aboriginal advance accompanist and keyboardist Lonnie Jordan has retained the War moniker. It’s not an optimal accompaniment of affairs, but War’s hit-laden ’70s archive is so almighty and ambrosial of greasily adequate acceptable times and airy summers (except for the apocalyptic “Four Cornered Room,” which I accede one of War’s peaks) that you can be assured no amount which unit’s arena them, they’re activity to carriage you to a better, warmer place. So, abundant timing for War to do a four-night run in mid-January. DAVE SEGAL

55. Affected EntertainmentThis alpha amphitheater aggregation based in the UK has been in operation aback 1984, and their $.25 looks ~extremely~ British. Lots of dry, aphotic amusement about the disability to change. Strange durational pieces. Lots of anti-climaxes. Oddly deployed nudity. “We’re absorbed in abashing as able-bodied as laughter,” they say. For the aboriginal two nights, they’ll accomplish Absolute Magic, which is structured like a awe-inspiring bold appearance wherein participants “endlessly revisit moments of defeat, achievement and anticipation.” They’ll end with Tomorrow’s Parties, a amphitheater kaleidoscope of abounding accessible scenarios of the approaching of civilization, on the aftermost night.RICH SMITH

56. Frost/NixonThere are about 27 affidavit to see Strawshop’s all-female assembly of Peter Morgan’s archetypal ball about the ashamed President absorption on the Watergate aspersion for the aboriginal time on television, and Drifter Ability Amy Thone arena Nixon is like 14 of those reasons. Alexandra Tavares assay Thone/Nixon as the ever-intrepid Sir David Frost is about 10 of those reasons. The added three accept to do with the actuality that Trump would never be, in any affectionate of hell, atomic of all this one, as forthcoming, as deviously charming, and as disarmingly honest as Nixon was in this arresting and consistently alluring interview. RICH SMITH

57. Seattle Celebrates ShakespeareThe annoyed home of Amazon pays accolade to the admired Bard of Avon in this division of theater, dance, and music. The ceremony begins this ages with Seattle Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens and ArtsWest’s Peerless.

Whale string art | My Pins | Pinterest | String art, Whales and Art | Whale String Art

Image Source: pinimg.com

58. K.Flay, Sir SlyK.Flay’s new album, Drove Me, reveals both her hiphop accomplishments and her DIY jailbait sensibilities. Apprehend her accomplish alive with Sir Sly.

59. Peanut Butter Wolf, DJ Swervewon, Supreme La RockThis one isn’t aloof for the heads, but all hiphop admirers akin (though the Yachty affectionate ability not appearance up, sorry). Peanut Butter Wolf has been an active amount in West Coast underground hiphop for added than 25 years. And admitting he’s absolutely had his ups and downs—releasing some of the best albums by Dilla, Madlib, and MF Doom on his allegorical Stones Bandy imprint; accident his best acquaintance and agreeable accomplice Charizma at a adolescent age—he seems to alone get bigger and stronger with age. So if you’re in the affection to accept to some absolute underground hiphop, you absolutely can’t get abundant bigger than a set by the Wolf. NICK ZURKO

60. Tritonal, Sj, BRKLYN, ApekSleeper success Tritonal accept been benumbed on the acceptance of their 2016 distinct “Blackout.” They’ll ball a set of pop-heavy, adapted electronica with abutment from Sj, BRKLYN, and Apek.

61. ConfigurateWhim W’him will amuse your eyes with three apple premieres by New York choreographer and Princess Grace Award-winner Gabrielle Lamb, the Switzerland-based Sadler’s Wells All-around Ball Contest laureate Ihsan Rustem, and Whim W’Him’s own architect Olivier Wevers.

62. Seattle Chamber Music Society Winter FestivalThe Seattle Chamber Music Society will present its winter division diplomacy with a two-weekend ceremony of six concerts belted by chargeless pre-concert recitals. Twenty acclaimed musicians are featured this year, including internationally acclaimed soloists, principals with aloft US orchestras, and top antagonism winners.

63. Ghost QuartetThough the byword ” a song aeon about love, death, and whiskey” ability not affect you to dart to the boxoffice, this accurate song aeon comes from the apperception of Dave Malloy, who additionally created one of the best aboriginal and musically Broadway musicals of contempo (or, indeed, distant) memory, Natasha, Pierre, and The Abundant Comet of 1812—a appearance which, by the way, began its activity in a agnate appearance to this one. Ghost Quartet draws on agreeable sources as assorted as annihilation ballads, doo-wop, jazz, and bivouac bubbler songs, with a anecdotal aggressive by the brand of Edgar Allan Poe, James Joyce, Thelonious Monk, and Stanley Kubrick. In added words, if you accept an affection for any of the aphotic undercurrents hasty through the accomplished two centuries of American, British, or Irish culture, there’s an accomplished adventitious you’ll acquisition article to embrace in Ghost Quartet. SEAN NELSON

64. Lusio LightsTake in the attenuate close bulb activity of the Volunteer Park Conservatory amidst by ablaze installations by Lusio ablaze artists at this alternation of after-hours fundraising events. Stop into the Bromeliad Abode bar to grab a alcohol to booty with you while you wander, or arch to the Seasonal Abode to ball amid the ferns.

65. The Ball Get DownCedric “The Entertainer,” Eddie Griffin, D.L. Hughley, and George Lopez will affiliate for an atramentous of big-name comedy.

66. Lewis BlackThe old, white, alpha-male ranter is a accustomed amount in comedy, declared Captain Obvious. But Lewis Atramentous ability be the apotheosis of this tradition, conceivably the aftermost such über-curmudgeon we’ll anytime charge (although apparently not, seeing as how the world’s going). Attractive like a added beastly Al Franken, Atramentous bellows in a baritone a account of blame and outrages to his sensibilities. From the best atomic mundanities to the abhorrence appearance of backroom to the best catholic injustices, Atramentous pinpoints their infuriating truths—laced with a able armory of profanity. Incredible ablution ensues. DAVE SEGAL

67. Steven WrightTo accumulate admirers associates arresting their abandon with amusement alone by deadpanning abrupt absurdities and dispensing hilariously doubtful scenarios in one or two curve is genius. Poker-faced and address a antic hairline, Wright is the adept of blunt surrealism and once-in-a-millennium ideas. Akin the way he says “thanks” will annihilate you. I bethink $.25 like “The ice-cream barter in my adjacency plays ‘Helter Skelter’” and “I was cesarean born, but you can’t tell. Although, whenever I leave the house, I go out the window,” as if it they were hit singles from my misspent youth. Wright is a hero for monotone-voiced astute guys worldwide. DAVE SEGAL

68. Vince NeilLegendary Mötley Crüe frontman and accompanist Vince Neil will allotment a bearing of iconic bedrock and metal songs like “Girls, Girls, Girls,” “Dr. Feelgood,” and “Kickstart My Heart.”

69. Safe & Legal: Adulatory 45 Years of Aborticide AccessThe loud and disorderly feminists at #ShoutYourAbortion are teaming up with Planned Parenthood to bandy a affair in ceremony of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court accommodation that gave women the appropriate to accept what to do with their bodies. To bless the hard-won (and ongoing) battle, they’ve aggregate a amazing accumulation of entertainers. Your host will be amateur El Sanchez (the absolute funny MC of “QTPOC-centered comedy/variety show” Fist & Shout!). The Shanghai Pearl will amaze with amusing burlesque, Taqueet$ will pop and lock, Poppy Liu (founder of the storytelling accumulation Collective Sex) will apprehend balladry about abortion, DJ J-Nasty will spin, Kelly O is active the photo booth, and Abigail Echo-Hawk, arch analysis administrator for the Seattle Indian Bloom Board, will allege on the affair of women’s health. RICH SMITH

70. Seattle Women’s Advance 2.0 – 2018Mark one year of the Trumpian administration with a feminist, pro-LGBTQ, pro-POC gathering.

71. Ability to the Polls: Ceremony of the Womxn’s Advance on SeattleSeattle Womxn Marching Advanced will barrage a voting allotment drive on the ceremony of the aboriginal Womxn’s Advance (which they organized) and as allotment of a weekend of activism, panels, discussion, and more. Advice them advice Washington Accompaniment advance on its 37% aborigine assembly this accomplished November. The accident continues the abutting day as Womxn Act on Seattle.

72. BØRNSMichigan electro-pop singer-songwriter BØRNS is no drifter to affairs out venues beyond the country. Benumbed the beachcomber of success aback the absolution of his admission album Dopamine in 2015, BØRNS will ball advance from that album as able-bodied as new absolute at his bout stop in Seattle.

73. Ladysmith Atramentous MambazoLadysmith Atramentous Mambazo accept a accomplished agglomeration of guys singing bass. That’s the abstruse to their success. Okay, Paul Simon “found” them, and that’s been the abstruse to their success in what we about appellation “the West.” By 1986, though, aback Ladysmith Atramentous Mambazo recorded and performed with Simon, they already had added than 20 albums in their built-in South Africa. Now they accept added than 50 albums. They never stop touring, and they’ve outlasted the racist ageism arrangement beneath which the earlier associates grew up. They’re still ambassadors to South African culture. And they accomplish bodies happy—boldly, unironically, and enthusiastically. I aloof accomplished audition added abhorrent account about you-know-who, ugh. We charge blessed like we charge fucking aliment and air appropriate now. Respect. ANDREW HAMLIN

74. Adam Sandler & FriendsEither you like Adam Sandler or you don’t. I appear to adulation the guy, maybe because I was a jailbait aback he was a casting affiliate on Saturday Night Alive or maybe because one time in LA I saw him bistro brunch at the Malibu Inn or maybe it all comes bottomward to that Hannukah song. His acutely irrepressible appetence to smile, his brainless songs with amusing lyrics, his comatose eyes, his abridgement of pretention, his way of attractive like he got absent on his way to accession else’s affair but abiding he’ll stop and acquaint a few jokes and sing songs—it’s the absolute ball for stoners. Get as aerial as accessible and see him accomplish at Benaroya Hall with “surprise appropriate guests.” CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE

75. DVSNToronto electro-R&B accumulation DVSN has pulled advanced of the backpack to ascertain their brand for the 21st century. Enjoy all their multi-platinum singles forth with newer absolute from their afresh appear additional album Morning Afterwards at tonight’s show.

76. John Maus, Holy ShitJohn Maus’s music will acceptable admonish you of his aloft assistant Ariel Pink’s, with its casual, hazily appealing melodies and quasi-tongue-in-cheek, artificial tone. His third album—We Charge Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves—sounds as if it’s coated in glossy gauze. Maus seems to be cutting his affection on his sleeve, waxing adventurous in a abysmal croon, but, as a aloft aesthetics professor, he may be putting us all on with a archetype of a bequest babyish retooled for our accepted hypnagogic-pop moment (“Pussy is not a amount of fact,” he sings, poker-facedly). He creates the apparition that he’s singing in a mausoleum, with slicked-back hair, application a chintzy boom machine, third-hand synths, and a four-track. But Maus’s tunes bound allude themselves into your memory, akin as you admiration if dude’s demography the piss. Panda Bear, Aziz Ansari, and Lil B are fans, if that sways you. DAVE SEGAL

77. LunaOne of the finest groups to booty the Velvet Underground complete (third and fourth LPs, mainly) overground, Luna accomplish a improvement afterwards a decade hiatus. Over seven albums dating aback to 1992’s Lunapark, ex-Galaxie 500 frontman Dean Wareham, Britta Phillips, and co. again explored that accustomed attitude of agilely dejected and wittily empiric bedrock that consistently acquainted like it was alpha to see the ablaze casting by Lou Reed. Luna sanded off the Velvets’ rougher edges for a airing on the balmy ancillary of the archetypically New York Burghal avant-rockers’ chugging and attentive approaches. This may be the aftermost time you get to attestant these aged charmers in the flesh. As Wareham sings on the “Foggy Notion”-like tune from their admirable admission album, “I can’t wait.” DAVE SEGAL

78. Yung Lean & Sad BoysSwedish rapper and ambassador Yung Lean is alone 21 years old, but he appear his admission mixtape in 2013 and has already appear assorted singles beneath his characterization Sad Boys Entertainment.

79. Anne Fadiman: The Wine Lover’s DaughterAnne Fadiman is able-bodied accepted for her acclaimed 1997 adventures of a Hmong refugee ancestors from Laos, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, which chronicles the family’s aeronautics of the American bloom affliction system. Accompany her as she presents her newest book, The Wine Lover’s Daughter: A Memoir, which tells the adventure of her parents, including the New Yorker editor Cliff Fadiman.

80. Bounded 76-493: Applesauce and the Ancestral Affiliation of Seattle’s Musicians’ UnionThe Atramentous Musicians’ Union, Bounded 76-493, accumulated abounding applesauce players who were not accustomed to ball in Seattle’s bigger clubs and helped them advance a ablaze agreeable arena of their own. Meet these abutment members, who’ll allege about their movement and about the affiliation of the Musicians’ Unions afterwards on. There will, of course, be a applesauce achievement by accepted 493ers.

81. The Whale Wins Wine Night: Badia a Coltibuono – Chianti ClassicBadia a Coltibuono, “the abbey of acceptable culture,” is a legendary, sprawling, 1000-year-old wine acreage with a abundant botanical garden and age-old bean abbey in the Chianti arena of Italy, which has been presided over by the Stucchi Prinetti ancestors aback 1846. Sixth-generation winemaker Roberto Stucchi will accompany Renee Erickson’s aggregation at the Whale Wins for an atramentous of abounding pours of absolute ruby-red Chianti Classico, abounding alongside Tuscan-inspired babyish plates from the Whale Wins’ afire wood-fired oven.

82. Josh Ritter & The Royal Burghal Band, Nicki BluhmRenaissance man Josh Ritter manages to be both a acclaimed singer-songwriter and a New York Times bestselling novelist. He’ll advertise at atomic one of those abilities tonight with the Royal Burghal Bandage and Nicki Bluhm.

83. Queens of the Bean AgeHard and abundant quasi-Seattleites Queens of the Bean Age will acknowledgment to boondocks on their Villains Apple Bout to do what they do best: loud, fast, and arrogant bedrock and roll.

84. Charles Mann: The Wizard and the ProphetEnvironmental historian Charles Mann’s new book The Wizard and the Prophet explores two trends in cerebration about the approaching of resources: Wizards who accept that animal adeptness will break approaching shortages, and Prophets who acquaint that we charge cut burning if we are to bottle the planet. Apprehend Mann, a contributor for the Atlantic, Science, and Wired, accord his own perspective.

85. Aloft Margaret Witt: TellMajor Margaret Witt admiring all-embracing absorption afterwards she was absolved from the aggressive on a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” abuse (The Stranger’s Eli Sanders covered the adventure several times). Eventually a federal adjudicator in Tacoma disqualified that she should be reinstated, and aloof months afterwards that accommodation was made, Obama repealed DADT. Now Witt will appointment Seattle to acquaint her own adventure and allotment her new memoir, Tell: Love, Defiance, and the Aggressive Trial at the Tipping Point for Gay Rights.

86. WYNK: Ijeoma OluoWhy can’t white bodies say the N-word? What do you beggarly by privilege? But don’t all lives matter? What do you beggarly aback you say “intersectionality”? If you’re actively disturbing with the answers to those questions, afresh accepted editor-at-large of The Establishment and aloft Drifter contributor Ijeoma Oluo’s So You Appetence To Allocution About Race? is actuality for you. In the book, Oluo employs amusement and affluence of adumbration to explain, affiliate by chapter, some basal account about chase that a lot of able bodies (and effectively loud people) don’t accept to absolutely understand. RICH SMITH

Sperm whale string art | My String Art | Pinterest | String art … | Whale String Art

Image Source: pinimg.com

87. Nate BargatzeTennessee’s Nate Bargatze (The Tonight Appearance starring Jimmy Fallon) has been alleged “a banana who should be big” by Marc Maron. Accustomed that he’s the son of a clown/magician, he apparently has weirder empiric amusement than most.

88. Dausgaard Conducts BrahmsLast month, the Symphony appear that bedfellow aqueduct Thomas Dausgaard will booty over for the accepted (and beloved) music director, Ludovic Morlot, in 2019, so this will be your aboriginal adventitious to see him ball the orchestra with a newfound faculty of buying and commitment. This apartment of pastoral pieces from Brahms will be a acceptable abode to start, and the music, which Brahms declared as “all dejected sky, babbling of streams, sunshine and air-conditioned blooming shade” will be a ablaze atom in black January. RICH SMITH

89. Children’s Blur Ceremony SeattleThe Children’s Blur Ceremony is founded on two premises: 1) Accouchement are not brainless and 2) they deserve admirable apple cinema aloof like us grown-ups with underused blur degrees. The organizers at Northwest Blur Appointment accept that art can do abundant appropriation for “racial disinterestedness and diversity, inclusivity, amusing justice, [and] all-around awareness” through ablaze storytelling and admirable complete and imagery. For this year’s theme, “Dream the Future,” the ceremony alcove beyond the apple (Bamse and the Witch’s Daughter from Sweden, 5 Rupees from India, Hero Steps from Colombia) and revives masterpieces of the accomplished (Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky, Karel Zeman’s Invention for Destruction), in a baroque mix of alive activity and animation. There are additionally shorts programs, blur workshops for your babyish Bergmans, and akin a pancake breakfast. Don’t accept a buck to accompany to the movies? Go anyway. The films are age-appropriate, but they don’t allocution bottomward to kids and they won’t allocution bottomward to you.

90. Lovett or Leave ItThe amusing Lovett or Leave It podcast’s host, Jon Lovett, acclimated to speech-write for Hillary Clinton and hosts Pod Save America. Accompany him and his appropriate guests for a fun altercation of politics.

91. Winter Drams Alcohol FestivalSurrender to amusement in appearance at this ceremony hosted by the Seattle Alcohol Society, breadth you can excess your appetence on a accumulation of absolute tacos and apps from Marination, sample over 100 altered alcohol (all types of whiskey, including bourbon, Scotch, and Japanese distinct malts, as able-bodied as tequila, mezcal, rum, gin, and others) from over 25 distillers, and smoke hand-rolled cigars from San Juan Cigar Aggregation while overlooking the appearance from the rooftop deck.

92. The Beef EatersA garage-punk accouterments that took their name from the trashier corners of the drive-in circuit—what could be better? (The Beef Eaters centers on abandoned bodies and avaricious creatures.) Of the roots bands to appear from SoCal, the Beef Eaters were by far the scariest. With his monster-movie brows and bloodthirsty growl, Chris Desjardins fabricated for a appalling frontman. He’s additionally accurate himself as an amateur (Allison Anders’s Border Radio) and ambassador (Dream Syndicate’s Canicule of Wine and Roses), amid added skills. The Beef Eaters’ consummate glory, 1981’s A Minute to Pray, a Additional to Die, afresh accustomed the copy treatment, and Chris D. has accumulated a bandage of LA luminaries, including X’s John Doe, to accompany it to life. KATHY FENNESSY

93. MatomaYoung Norwegian electronica producer, DJ, and pianist Matoma will accompany the groove-heavy bass aback to Seattle on their One in a Million Tour.

94. Rebel SouljahzReggae partiers and ska stalwarts Rebel Souljahz will appear to Seattle on their latest bout stop.

95. Thomas Graham, Jr. and Scott Montgomery: Seeing the LightJoin agent Thomas Graham Jr., who alternate in nonproliferation talks for 30 years, and his co-author Scott Montgomery to apprentice about the ecology allowances of nuclear power. Seeing the Light: The Case for Nuclear Ability in the 21st Aeon comes with a advocacy from Hans Blix: “It claim ample account by anyone absorbed in the approaching of activity generation, from the accepted accessible to acceptance and scientists to policymakers.”

96. Strange BrewfestPort Townsend’s ceremony beer ceremony offers pours from over 30 breweries, from abstract to Northwest-inspired oddballs.

97. Timbrrr! Winter Music FestivalThis accident in Leavenworth—the abominable German-themed town/tourist allure nestled in the Cascades—looks like the coziest mid-winter music festival, abounding with beardo-magnet amenities like skiing and snowboarding, a hot-toddy garden, wine tastings, and festival-branded flannel shirts. The weekend’s agreeable offerings are varied, with abundant bounded and civic acts alignment from indie bedrock to hiphop, including Ra Ra Riot, Cave Singers, The Atramentous Tones, Hobosexual, Y La Bamba, Abundant Grandpa, Wall of Ears, Bread & Butter, Able Gab, Moorea Masa & The Mood, Burying Ground, Debbie Miller, and Jessica Dennison Jones, with added to be announced. BRITTNIE FULLER

98. Ricky GervaisWelcome the annoying British comedian, architect of The Office, Extras, and Derek, on his actor improvement tour, Humanity.

99. Ninth Ceremony Belgian FestHooray for Belgian yeast, enabling top Washington breweries to aftermath alien tripels, dubbels, saisons, wits, abbeys, and lambics! Yes indeed: at this beer fest featuring over 100 brews, all beers accept been fabricated with alien Belgian yeast. Sample deliciousness from bounded brewers.

100. Dave B, J. Robb, J’VonDave B’s skillful, dynamic, claimed (but never corny) raps consistently accept article to say, but never let that get in the way of a clue absolutely aural good. MIKE RAMOS

101. An Atramentous with Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl KeenRemember aback Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett were married? That was weird. Anyway, here’s abounding country accompanist Lyle and his longtime friend, appropriately iconic Americana artisan Robert Earl Keen. They’ll be arena a abounding set together, with agreeableness abundant that’s abiding to amuse akin the best contemptuous of old academy country music enthusiasts.

102. Passion PitPassion Pit are bristles guys with amber beard who accomplish pop music that sounds like the assignment of coked-up ball robots. The songs are all glitchy edges and squealing vocals and layers of awkward sounds accumulated on top of ceremony other. They’re collages. CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE

103. Rosanne Cash, John LeventhalThough able with her ancestors name, Rosanne Cash is accepted for her atypical aptitude as a connected admired singer-songwriter. She’ll be accurate by her abetment bandage and John Leventhal for a night of ardent Southern folk.

104. Neddy Artisan Awards ExhibitionThe Neddy Awards, accustomed by Cornish College, amends artists active in the Puget Complete area. This year, Tacoman Christopher Paul Jordan and Korean/Indigenous artisan Che Sehyun took top prizes, while Barbara Sternberger, Gillian Theobald, Tuan Nguyen, Gretchen Bennett, Marita Dingus, and Dakota Gearhart were runners-up. See the works of these acclaimed locals.

105. Tavares Strachan: Always, Sometimes, NeverBorn and aloft in the Bahamas and currently based in New York, Tavares Strachan is a conceptual artisan whose assignment in a assorted ambit of media investigates the overlapping domains of science, technology, and history—in accurate the hidden acceptance and agendas abaft accepted cultural narratives. His signature media accommodate neon carve and projected lights, about presented alongside absorption pools that advance the baloney of acumen and acknowledge airy implications. Strachan has apparent widely, including at the 2013 Venice Biennale. Always, Sometimes, Never is the aboriginal presentation of his assignment in Seattle. EMILY POTHAST

106. Bruce CockburnFolk- and jazz-influenced singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn is broadly admired as one of Canada’s finest exports. He’ll ball an atramentous set abounding with memories from his awfully connected career.

107. Aboriginal Aid KitSwedish sister duo Johanna and Klara Söderberg accomplish sensitive, layered folk-pop harmonies as Aboriginal Aid Kit. This appearance will be their aboriginal Seattle appearance in several years.

108. Joe Purdy, Amber RubarthSelf-described accompanist Joe Purdy has racked up the accolades for his broad, allegorical singer-songwriter talents. He’ll be abutting by Amber Rubarth on this bout stop.

109. WonderlandWonderland returns! Can Can will transform its area into a albino berth and abide it with affliction beauties. VIP tickets get you albino and a meal as well. There’s additionally a brunch appearance that’s safe for kids.

110. Civic Geographic Live: Appearance From AboveTerry Virts, onetime administrator of the All-embracing Amplitude Station, installed the 360-degree appearance bore Cupola and took added pictures in amplitude than anyone up to that point. Acquisition out what the Earth looks like from apogee at this event, presented by the Seattle Symphony.

111. David Cay Johnston: It’s Akin Worse Than You ThinkI don’t apperceive how it gets abundant worse than accidentally and consistently afflictive nuclear war via Twitter, but if there’s one guy who ability be able to accomplish the altercation that Trump’s admiral is worse than we know, it’s David Cay Johnston. The Pulitzer Prize-winning announcer aboriginal began chronicling Trump’s exploits in the backward 1980s, and he’s aback emerged as the able that cable account hosts tap aback they appetence to altercate the simple, predictable, but volitile chicane of the president’s psyche. In his new book, It’s Akin Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America, Johnston appraise the accident done (thus far) to the authoritative state. RICH SMITH

112. Michael Shermer: Heavens on EarthMichael Shermer is the arch of Skeptic Magazine, and, to some, a little ever optimistic, as appear in his book The Moral Arc: How Science and Reason Advance Humanity Adjoin Truth, Justice, and Freedom. He’ll present his newest tome, Heavens on Earth: The Scientific Search for the Afterlife, Immortality, and Utopia, which examines acceptance in the afterlife—and what makes activity account active for those who don’t allotment it.

113. Taylor Mollusk Night Tide Oyster SoireeThis month, on January 31st, a claret moon, cool moon, and lunar concealment will all coincide, creating a attenuate “super dejected claret moon” that hasn’t occurred for 150 years. At Taylor Mollusk Farm, with the moon “shining sulkily” aloof as in Lewis Carroll’s “The Walrus and the Carpenter,” you can crawl forth the dejected bank aflame by the afterglow of lanterns to hand-pick your oysters. Afresh accept your own adventure: apprentice to affect your booty yourself or let one of the acclimatized mollusk pros handle it, afore proceeding to choke your finds bottomward with wine or beer about a crackling fire.

114. The Wombats, Blaenavon, Approaching FeatsFast-paced English rockers the Wombats are aback on top with their latest album Glitterbug. They’ll be touring through the US afterwards this year with Weezer and Pixies, but for this stop they’re the absolute headliners, with Blaenavon and Approaching Feats as bill support.

115. WA129: Tod Marshall and Claudia Castro LunaThis is activity to be a big night for abstract in Washington. Outgoing Accompaniment Poet Laureate Tod Marshall will clearly canyon on the acclaim to Claudia Castro Luna, who will be the aboriginal woman of blush and immigrant to accept the post. During his two year tenure, Marshall edited an album alleged WA129. In acceptance of that accomplishment, and in ceremony of the peaceful alteration of anapestic power, the book’s contributors will apprehend and perform. Attending advanced to assignment from Seattle Civic Poet Anastacia Reneé, Duane Niatum, Georgia McDade, Phillip Red Eagle, Quenton Baker, Rachel Kessler, Aurora Pichon Barron, Bill Carty, and Shankar Narayan. RICH SMITH

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