Facts That Nobody Told You About Kick Plate Car

Kick Plate Vehicle –

Your car’s kick plates are attached to the bottom portion of your auto door to defend your car from scratches and bumps. Over time the plates can get battered, requiring that you replace them to continue guarding your automobile door. This project is simple to carry out by following a few actions.

Step 1 – Get rid of the Kick Plates from the Car Door

The car kick plates are installed to the auto doors through screw and making use of a screw driver therefore the first point that you need to have to do is to make confident that you remove the screw that holds the  plates firmly to the door. After the unprotected component of the automobile door is exposed, wipe off the complete region with a clean cloth to eliminate the dirt and grime that have adhered to the car door more than time.

Step 2 – Mark the Region of the Door

The automobile kick plates normally come in standard sizes thus make confident that the replacement kicks that you will use have the same size as the old 1. Measure the center of the car door and mark the regions on the replacement kick plates making use of chalk for the holes where the screw will be set into later, this will guarantee a ideal match.

Step 3 – Drill Holes on the Kick Plates

Drill holes on the new car kick plates precisely with the place located on the old kick plates that were removed earlier. Make confident that you drill the new hole on the chalk marks you have previously created on the replacement kick plate. This tends to make it easier to facilitate the installation of the new vehicle kick plates to the auto door. You do not need to drill new holes to install the plates as the existing holes are currently sufficient to install the new kick plates on your car door.

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Step 4 – Set the Vehicle Kick Plates to the Car Door

For you to very easily set the automobile kick plates to the auto door, you can apply masking tape to temporarily set the kick plates to the vehicle door. This allows you to perform even with no an assistant. Set up the vehicle kick plates to the vehicle door by driving screws on different components of the plates. Tighten the screws utilizing a screwdriver. Verify the tightness of the kick plates and when the new kick plates are installed, you can now take away the masking tape which held the plates temporarily to the auto door.

How to Replace a Car’s Kick Plates