Facts That Nobody Told You About Piano Bench Cushion

Piano Bench Cushion – Rather than go via the time consuming approach of refinishing your worn piano bench seat, make a piano bench cushion rather. This project is quick and straightforward, and the supplies are economical. Right here is a list of what you will need.

1. Measure

Just before you go to the retailer and get your materials, measure the length and width of the seat. You will then need to add 4 further inches to each and every side to get the proper size for the fabric of the piano bench cushion.

2. Deciding on a Fabric

There are several kinds of fabrics to choose from. Loose weave fabrics tear a lot more effortlessly so stick to a tightly woven fabric, such as polyester or wool. When you make a decision what sort, choose a color that will compliment the decor in your residence. Use the measurements from the earlier to figure out how significantly fabric to acquire. Think about buying a lot more fabric then you need to have for the cushion. It really is a great idea to have surplus fabric on hand in case an accident takes place and you need to have to re-cover your piano bench cushion.

3. Preparation

Measure and cut each the fabric and the foam rubber. Set them aside. Subsequent, very carefully location the piano bench on its side and open it. Use a screw driver to remove the hinges from the top piece only. Place the screws in a protected spot until you are ready to re-attach the seat.

four. Location Foam Rubber

Begin out by putting the seat face up on a flat surface. Apply a generous quantity of glue to the seat. Then position the foam rubber on prime and let the glue dry.

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5. Spread Fabric

Once the glue is dry, spread out the fabric. Make positive there are no wrinkles in the fabric and lay the seat face down in the center. Don’t forget, there wants to be an further 4 inches of fabric around every single side. On the extended sides, fold the fabric below 1 inch. Then, fold it over the edge of the seat. Make confident the folds are all even

6. Staple Fabric

Now begin to staple the fabric to the bottom of the seat, moving from 1 finish to the other. If you have a helper, have them hold the fabric whilst you staple it. A staple each and every 2 to 2 ½ inches must be enough to hold the fabric in location and hold it taut. To make putting the seat back on the piano bench easier, mark where the screw holes are if they get covered.

7. Fold Fabric

Now, on one of the short sides, fold down the corners and turn below the fabric about an inch. Bring it up over the edge of the seat and commence to staple the fabric pulling the fabric tightly as you go. Do the very same for the final side.

eight. Attach to the Seat

You are ready to re-attach the seat to the piano. Line the screw holes up with the hinges and put the screws back in employing a screw driver. Carefully set the bench upright again and test out your new piano bench cushion.

If every thing went well, it need to be comfortable and look fantastic in your home.