Here’s What No One Tells You About Cabinet Door Magnets

Cabinet Door Magnets –

Maintaining a cabinet door closed would look like it would be straightforward., even so there are occasions when the cabinet door just does not want to keep closed. For a wide selection of reasons, the cabinet door can swing open when it is suppose to be closed. Fixing this is a quite effortless method by employing a easy magnet catch.

There are plenty of reasons you will want to maintain your cabinet door closed. One particular of the most crucial is when you have small young children in the home. The magnet catch will not only keep the cabinet door closed, but will also require some effort to open. The child, until they are stronger, will not be capable to have the strength to open the door.

Step One particular – Determine Where Magnets Will Go

Considering that installation of the magnetic catch on your cabinet door is quite easy, you will not need to have to have a lot of distinct tools. You will need to have to know where the magnets will go so you can mark them on the door. The greatest location is on the upper or reduced corner opposite of the hinges.

Step Two – Mark Magnet Location

The best issue about installing a set of magnetic catches is that you do not need to have to measure anything. By basically putting the catch on the place where you want to attach it, you can very easily mark it. The catch can go anywhere close to the best or bottom corner. The one particular point to pay close focus to is that you will require to preserve it flush so the door will close tightly.

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Step Three – Attach Cabinet Side

Location the cabinet side of the magnet on the edge of the cabinet and screw it into the cabinet edge. Drill a modest pilot hole to make confident you do not crack the wood. The secure the latch with an electric screwdriver or use the drill with a screwdriver bit.

Step Four – Attach Door Side

After the cabinet side has been secured you can simply location the other part of the cabinet door. Line up the magnet on the mark that you placed on the door and drill in a pilot hole with your drill. Drill into the door easily so you do not go through to the other side. Safe it to the door with the screwdriver or screwdriver bit in your drill.

Step 5 – Verify and Adjust

Now that your magnet is attached to the cabinet door you will need to have to check to make confident it is operating as it ought to. If not, then make some adjustments to the placement of the magnets. You can do this by moving just 1, or both. The essential to it is to make certain that the cabinet door sits tightly closed and that the magnets hold the door shut.

As soon as the adjustments are created your cabinet door will not longer open on its personal. You will also be in a position to hold your youngsters protected from the items inside the cabinet.

How to Set up Cabinet Door Magnets