Here’s What No One Tells You About Masonry Paint Stripper

Masonry Paint Stripper –

Masonry paint can be used on outside brick or stone walls to get a clean look that’s straightforward to preserve. However, exterior paint should be redone or touched up every single so frequently, and most folks make the error of just going over older paint with new paint, which outcomes in flaking and peeling more than time. You can have the wall professionally re-rendered or stick to the methods below to properly strip masonry paint off your wall before you give it a new coat.

Step 1 – Take Acceptable Precautions

Wear elbow length gloves and old clothing when operating with caustic mixtures like these required for this project as they can severely burn your skin. Also use a wooden stick to mix to preserve the solution away from your skin and clothing.

Step two – Scrape Flaking Paint

If masonry paint is not effectively applied—such as if the wall was not correctly rendered or not permitted to dry, or if coat soon after coat of paint was layered on—the prime coat of paint will start peeling and flaking, and you are most likely to have bubbles in the surface.

Take a putty knife or scraper to this peeling layer to eliminate loose bits. Several individuals use sandblasting and wire brushes, but although these strategies provide a quick repair, they can damage the wall beneath the paint, leaving the surface porous.

Step 3 – Eliminate Fungus and Algae

You can get rid of fungus and algae on the surface by preparing a cleaning answer with a single cup of bleach in one particular gallon of water. Apply this to the wall utilizing a extended-handled scrub brush, and then rinse with clean water.

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Step four – Prep the Chemical Treatment

After you have removed the best layer of the paint and fungus, let the wall dry. Prepare a caustic mix for stripping the remaining layers of paint whilst you wait. The easiest answer to perform with will be a ready-made, peel-off mix you can obtain from your neighborhood property improvement stores.

Nevertheless, if you’d rather create a mixture, just add about 300 grams of caustic soda to a liter of water. Then, add flour to the resolution and mix till you attain porridge-like consistency.

Step 5 – Apply the Chemical Stripper

Apply the chemical stripper making use of an old flat brush or a scraper. You can mark out regions and do the job in square foot increments if you need to, you can make the mix in batches so you do not have to worry about the remedy drying out. Once applied, leave the mix on for two days just before you get rid of it.

With ready-produced, peel-away mixes, just stick to the instructions on the item packaging.

Step six – Peel Away old Paint

Use a pressure hose with hot water to wash your homemade caustic off the wall. Your masonry wall will reveal itself as you rinse.

Your peel-away selection will direct you to lay peeling strips on leading of the mix. Let the strips sit for the directed quantity of time, and then just pull them off to take the paint with. Once you are carried out, give the wall a quick rinse. and make certain you dispose of the strips correctly.

How to Strip Masonry Paint