Here’s What No One Tells You About Toilet Mixing Valve

Toilet Mixing Valve –

A toilet mixing valve is also identified as a temperater valve. Condensation can develop up on a toilet and in some cases, lead to enough sweating that it seems the tank is leaking. If you are not familiar with plumbing installation procedures, installation of a mixing valve is best left to a plumber. You might want to attempt DIY options such as insulating with a tank jacket that absorbs the condensation, or specially designed drip pans. Nonetheless if sweating is a continuous dilemma you must consider getting the mixing valve installed.

How It Functions

The Y-shaped mixing valve must be installed close to a hot water supply. The Y valve is connected to the hot and cold water sources and then to the shutoff valve. The premise is that, by mixing hot and cold water, the surrounding air temperature and the tank temperature will not differ enough to let condensation to type.

Things to Contemplate

A mixing valve is generally installed for locations where the tank temperature is usually held below 50 degrees. The mixing valve mixes the hot water into the tank when flushed. It does not, even so, sustain the water at a particular temperature. You may possibly still want to install a jacket or drip pan along with the mixing valve.

How Does a Toilet Mixing Valve Function?

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