How Much Do You Know about Slate Patio Tiles?

Slate Patio Tiles –

Even though a slate patio does not generally need considerably maintenance, it will ultimately need some repairs no matter how nicely it has been laid or how nicely it has been looked right after. Luckily, slate has the key benefit of being quite straightforward to work with and removing, replacing or repairing a few slate stones in a patio can be done in a couple of hours without having needing to pay for a tradesman. Appropriate maintenance and the application of an suitable sealant will support to guarantee that the patio wants minimal repairs in the future.

Step 1 – Take away the Grout around the Damaged Tile

Prior to you can get rid of the damaged tile, you will want to get rid of the grout in the seams in between the tile to be removed and the ones that surround it. You can do this employing a sturdy utility knife. Making certain that the grout is completely dug out using a knife will make the job of removing the broken tile much less difficult and it will also avert risk of damage to the surrounding tiles. Do not continue until you are sure that all of the grout has been removed.

Step two – Remove the Broken Tile

To get rid of the broken tile itself, you will need to break it up and get rid of it piece by piece from the mortar that holds it in spot. About the center of the tile, strike the surface with a hammer to crack it. If the tile is currently cracked, then this may possibly not be necessary. You will then require to get rid of every fragment of tile that is nonetheless in spot by levering them up making use of the chisel. Work your way from the center of the tile to the edges. Be sure to function carefully when removing the pieces of tile on the edges as you can easily finish up damaging the surrounding tile. Using the chisel, be positive that not only all of the old tile is removed, but also the old mortar. The surface requirements to be level ahead of applying a new tile.

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Step 3 – Putting a New Slate Tile

Just before putting the new slate tile, add an evenly applied layer of thin-set mortar into the space. Guarantee that this thoroughly covers the surface as this will assist to reduce the danger of cracks in the future. Put the new tile in spot and make confident that it is firmly applied and level with the surrounding tiles. Leave the tile to set overnight ahead of applying the grout. The next day, employing an acceptable grout with a grouting gun, seal the seams between the tiles. Use a grout float to make certain that the grout gets evenly distributed throughout the gaps. Use a sponge to wipe off any excess on the surface of the tiles. Leave this for another couple of days before walking on the location.

How to Repair Slate Patio Tiles