Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Auto Light Sensor

Auto Light Sensor –

Lighting with an automatic sensor supplies light at the initial sign of itself. These automatic sensors not only add to the attraction to the landscape but also act as security function for the property owners. It may prove to be a bit hard to install an automatic sensor, but by following the methods mention under this process can be achieved by any homeowner in a matter of some time.

Tools Needed for Installing the Automatic Light Sensor

  • Screwdriver
  • New cover plate
  • Light bulbs
  • Screws
  • Needle nose pliers

Step by Step Guide for Installing the Automatic Light Sensor

Step 1: Power Off

This is for the safety of the complete property, just to make confident that there is no power provide in the property while installing the automatic light sensor. This is done to avoid any currents or electric shocks although operating. Use a voltage tester to check if the energy is off.

Step 2: Old Fixtures

Get rid of the old bulbs from the fixtures and with the help of a screwdriver, get rid of the bolts holding the fixture to the junction box. Then, while removing the second bolt, you require to make confident to hold onto the old fixture so that it does not fall out.

Step three: Unscrewing Wire Nuts

Unscrew the wire nuts and separate then with the aid of a screwdriver. There ought to be a black wire as well as a white wire present, and then eliminate the old fixtures. Once the fixture is removed, you will be able to note down a knockout on the cover plate, with a slit although it so you can unscrew it with a screwdriver.

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Step 4: Set up Sensor

Get hold of the automatic light sensor which comes with a rubber ring gasket. Match the appropriate wires by means of the gasket and move the gasket so that it is appropriate against the base of the automatic sensor. Insert the wires through the knockout hole and attach the automatic sensor into it.

Step 5: Wiring

There will be a black, white and a red wire coming out from the automatic light sensor. Connect the white wire to the white wire fixture and the wall box. The black wire is connected to the black wire of the wall box and the red wire must be connected to the black wire of the fixture.

Step six: Electrical Tape

Reduce a piece of electrical tape and wrap it about the wire nut and gently push the wires back into the junction box. The next step is to connect the fixture to the junction box with the bolts that are supplied to you.

Step 7: New Bulbs

The light must come and go in say about twenty seconds.

Lastly, you can also adjust and set the automatic light sensor by setting the light sensor too higher or also low. Also preserve in thoughts that if the light sensor is too high, then it may possibly just turn into a nuisance and trouble your neighbors. This automatic light sensor will be able to light your way, when you come property late at evening. In this way, you can have your personal safety.

How to Install an Automatic Light Sensor