Ingenious Ways You Can Do With How To Cut Foam Core

How To Reduce Foam Core –

Foam core is a wonderful material for arts and crafts, picture framing and other entertaining projects. It is powerful, but extremely effortless to cut, and it holds its shape nicely. Trying to cut it with the wrong tool or by going too quick you can easily fray and/or tear the edges. Consider these three straightforward suggestions for cutting foam core: 

Tip 1 – Use a Razor Knife

Foam core is created of 2 layers of Kraft paper sandwiching a core of polystyrene foam of varying thickness. Scissors, then, will not do the trick. It is most efficient if you use a razor knife. It gives a comfortable grip and a extremely sharp and precise cutting surface. 

Tip 2 – Trace the Line of the Reduce

Even though this is correct for cutting with scissors, it is specifically crucial when cutting foam core. Unless you don’t care what the shape appears like, begin by tracing the precise shape of what you are cutting with pencil. 

Tip 3 – Score the Line First

Following the line is traced, don’t try to cut by means of the complete piece. Commence by scoring the traced line. That is, make a light cut along the line not meant to penetrate the foam core. It permits for a precise reduce. With the line scored, make a second and third pass more than it to reduce through the foam and score the bottom layer of paper from the inside out, thereby completing the reduce. 

These three guidelines are extremely useful when cutting foam core. When accomplished appropriate, you will finish up with a cleanly-reduce piece of material in precisely the shape you want. 

three Straightforward Suggestions for Cutting Foam Core

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