Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Ice Fishing Leaders

Ice Fishing Leaders –

An ice fishing jig need to be necessarily connected to the leader when fishing via ice. Most fish sought in winter have sharp teeth which can bite by way of the fishing line and enhance your possibilities of losing your catch. In addition, attaching the jig to the leader would let you to swap lures rapidly from swivel rather than re-tying the knots once again and once again.

Step 1: Get the Correct Leader

Since leaders are attached to the end of the fishing line, they must be such that they do not scare the fish away. Most leaders are a quick metal wire and if they are kept light adequate, they sustain their invisibility in water. Nevertheless, you also don’t want your leaders to be too light compared to the weight of the fish. As a outcome, a minimum 6-pound leader should be a normal guide that you can use when picking your leader. Also, make sure that the weight does not exceed 10 pounds for then the wire might get too thick and can scare the fish away.

Step two: Connect the Leader to the Line

The trick in connecting the leader to the line lies in the knots that you use. Your knots should not be so complex and thick that they entangle with the line or influence the low visibility of the leader. At the same time, they should be sturdy adequate to sustain force in the occasion of a catch. Hence, for this goal it is recommended that you use a Double-Uni Knot which is known to pass the test. To tie a Double-Uni Knot, take the ends of the line and the leader and cross them vertically. Make a loop out of overlapping lines and take 1 end of the line and make it go by way of the loop 5 times. Stretch both lines apart so that the loop tightens into a knot. You can lubricate the knot with your tongue and stretch some much more to make sure tightness.

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Step three: Attach a Swivel to the Leader

The ideal way to attach a jig to the leader is with the aid of a swivel. This will be genuinely useful if you may possibly want to detach the jig following a couple of utilizes. If the jig is tied, you will have to reduce the leader each and every time, which may shorten the wire unnecessarily. Consequently, to attach a swivel to the leader, slide the swivel onto the loop of the leader and close the swivel’s lock. After the swivel has been closed you apply a small force to verify the strength of the connection.

 Step four: Put an Ice Fishing Jig to the Swivel

Pick a suitable jig to put on the other finish of the swivel. Your jig need to be selected with respect to the size of the fish you intend to tackle. You can use mechanical jigs easily available in the industry for respective fishes which serve the goal really well. When the jig has been chosen, open the swivel and slide in the jig. A swivel operates in a comparable way to that of a safety pin. So you can squeeze it open and then force it to lock right after sliding in the jig utilizing your hands.

How to Connect the Leader to an Ice Fishing Jig