Learn All About Fireplace Mantel Height

Fireplace Mantel Height –

The fireplace mantel shelf is a single of the most essential elements in integrating a fireplace into a room’s decor. A excellent mantel can complement the fireplace’s aesthetic even though simultaneously generating its personal decorative statement.

Nonetheless, in order to totally reap the positive aspects of a fireplace mantel shelf, it is essential that you properly place it.

Step 1 – Know Your Local Fire Codes

Study your local fire codes. Based on what material your mantel is made from, there may be specific laws about how high and how far you can location a wood, stone, or metal shelf from the actual flames of the fireplace.

If attainable, do this prior to getting your mantel. It would be extremely unfortunate if you were set on a wooden mantelpiece only to find out that you can’t display it as you’d like due to safety factors.

Step two – Mantel Purpose

Consider what part you actually want your mantel to play. The shelf can just as quickly be a clean framing piece for your fireplace or function as an actual show shelf. If you strategy to shop any objects on the mantel that are flammable, then you could want to element that into your plans and raise the mantel even farther from the fireplace opening.

Step three – Measure Shelf Width

Even even though much of the decision about the mantel placement has to do with the height it will rest at once stuck on your wall, width and depth are also crucial aspects.

A excellent rule of thumb, which may differ depending on certain rules in your nearby code, is the 1 1/two-inch rule. Primarily, if your shelf protrudes fewer than 1 1/2 inches outward from your wall, then the spot that you place the shelf must leave a height of at least 6 inches between the shelf and the topmost portion of the fireplace.

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If the mantel will stick out from the wall more than 1 1/2 inches, the height among the prime of the fireplace and the shelf have to be 12 inches or far more.

Step four – Aesthetic

Last, but certainly not least, consider how you want the room to look. When the security issues have been dealt with the sky’s the limit, or in this case the ceiling. If your ceiling is particularly higher, placing a mantel as well close to the fireplace can make things look awkward and cramped. Similarly, decrease ceilings that have mantel shelves higher on the wall can make the shelf seem also divorced from the fireplace itself.

Think about the surrounding furnishings and the room as a complete to make certain the fireplace mantel is an eye-catching addition to your home.

Placing a Mantel Shelf Over a Fireplace