Learn All About Glass Tile Countertop

Glass Tile Countertop –

When remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom, selecting glass tile can bring counter tops back to life. It is not that a lot harder to install glass tile than it is for standard tile, except for a handful of information. It is critical to carefully pick and install the tile since it is going to be there for a lengthy time.

Preparing the Surface

Just before to start the tile installation, the counter prime should be ready to obtain the thin set. If an old counter top was removed, a new counter has to be rebuilt with plywood that is free of paint or glue.

Deciding how to make the edge of the counter best has to be accomplished prior to laying the tile. Installing a wood molding all around the counter is an less complicated choice to stop breakage than making it of glass tile.

Preparing the Mix

Mix some thin set powder in a pail to until receiving a non liquid thick mixture. Use a sponge to wet the plywood prior to applying the thin set. Otherwise the plywood will absorb the water in the thin set and lead to it to dry as well rapidly. Given that glass tile is transparent, the white colour of the thin set will be observed by way of the glass. A different colour can be obtained by mixing some sanded grout inside the thin set.

Installing the Tile

It is greater to apply about 3 foot square of thin set at a time with the straight edge trowel than to do the whole counter prime to avoid the mixture to get dried too quickly. Install the tiles starting at the edge of the counter top going towards the back splash wall. That way if a reduce has to be made it will be out of sight.

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Making use of spacers is crucial to make positive the spaces are good and straight between the tiles.  It is greater to use a sanded grout to fill the joints on a counter top so the spaces in between the tiles must be not much less than 1/8 inch. The joints ought to be cleaned of any excess of thin set amongst the tiles with a wet sponge.

Applying the Grout

Following the installation is completed, the tiles should be allowed to dry for 24 hours ahead of removing the spacers. When prepared, mix sanded grout with a tiny quantity of water in a pail. A mixture that gets the consistency of Elmer’s glue operates completely.

Apply the grout with a soft rubber trowel and let dry about 10 to 15 minutes. Then clean the tiles with a sponge twice. If a wood molding demands to be installed at the edge of the counter top, it have to be completed ahead of applying the grout. Then the wood trim can be completed with a lacquer.

After the excess of grout is cleaned off, the joints among the tiles must not be touched to avoid marks to be produced in the soft grout. It takes another 24 hours before it gets entirely dry.

Install Glass Tile on a Countertop