Learn All About Travertine Repair Kit

Travertine Repair Kit –

A travertine tile floor is naturally porous, with a lot of holes on the surface. Typically these will be filled at the factory or when the travertine tile floor is installed. If these holes are exposed by the filling coming out, you will want to repair the hole so the floor looks great and keeps its integrity.

Step 1 – Grout

To begin you want to discover a colored epoxy grout that matches the colour of your travertine tile floor. Ideally, you should take a modest piece of tile to the tile or hardware shop to be able to match the colour precisely.

If that’s not feasible, bring home plastic swatches of grout color, but be conscious that the color you see on the swatch is a shade darker than the grout will be on the travertine tile floor.

Step two – Cleaning

Prior to you apply the grout, thoroughly clean out the hole. Do this with soapy water, then dry it with paper towels. Make sure you extract all the debris from the hole. Permit it to dry completely before proceeding.

Step three – Sealer

Use stone sealer on the travertine tile floor about the hole you require to fill. You’ll discover that undertaking this will make it a wonderful deal less difficult to clean up the grout later, when the hole is filled. Give the sealer a complete hour to dry ahead of you wipe the floor with a cloth. Make confident the cloth is lint totally free.

Step 4 – Filling

The critical portion is filling the hole appropriately. It requirements to be effectively packed with the grout. Begin by mixing up the epoxy grout according to the directions on the packet. Put a small of the grout on the hole and use the gout float to begin packing it into location.

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Preserve going till the hole has been filled. Be positive to pack the grout down firmly into the hole so it can bond totally. If you don’t, then the probabilities of the grout working its way out of the hole once more are very strong. Pack till no much more will go in. Use a damp sponge to wipe the excess grout from the travertine tile floor. This exactly where you’ll appreciate getting place on the sealer initial, as the excess grout will wipe up really simply. Don’t have to sponge too wet, and don’t wash the grout from the hole.

Step five – Cleanup

Give the grout a complete 24 hours to dry ahead of cleaning up. You may well uncover that there’s a grout haze. If that happens, wipe the travertine tile floor with a dry paper towel to take away the haze from the stone. As extended as you have place the grout in correctly and wipe off the excess you should have a smooth finish on the stone. If there are other holes in the travertine tile floor, they can be repaired making use of the identical technique.

How to Repair a Hole in a Travertine Tile Floor