Learn All About Asian Side Tables

Asian Side Tables -According to Wikipedia, the term Asian furnishings or at times referred to Oriental furniture is a kind of furnishings that originated from the continent of Asia. At times folks also consider of Asian furnishings as a style of furnishings that has Asian accents. With assimilation with western culture the term can also expand to contemporary Asian furnishings.

Whenever we say Asian furniture, we are usually directed to Chinese created or Chinese-inspired furnishings, Japanese or Thai – but if you really investigation properly on this subject, you will see that aside from the signature designs we see from the Chinese, Japanese or Thai, we are capable to note the supplies used are from their original state or made from wood – which is a lot in the stated countries, but for the meantime, we have wooden and ceramic side and accent tables under, verify them out!

1. 19th C. South Asian Accent Table

South Asian

Timberwolf Bay

This wonderfully produced accent table serves two purposes – as a table and at the identical time, as a cabinet. Not only is this table functional, but it is beautiful as properly.

2. Antique Rain Drum Side Table

Rain Drum

Pottery Barn

Rain drums, named for the pleasing sound they make when hit by raindrops, have existed in Asian cultures for thousands of years. Our cast-aluminum version characteristics a standard relief pattern of a radiating sun surrounded by concentric rings of geometric patterns.

3. Asian Inspired Square Accent Table with Marble Leading

Marble Tops

Zhang Mechan Furnishings

The detail on this side table is Moroccan – with the colour and the battered feel of this table – it sure appears rustic and at the very same time classy simply because of the marble prime.

4. Black &amp White Bone Inlay Star Accent Table

Bone Inlay

Timberwolf Bay

The stars on the table leading is a cute accent for this already-lovely accent table. This bone inlay tables come in distinct shapes too!

5. Bonair Octagonal Side Table

Bonair Octagonal

Ballard Styles

Excellent beside a favored chair, it is hand crafted of natural rattan and mahogany with wrapped split-rattan joints for strength and texture.

6. Chinese Antique Camphor Wood Flower Carving Side Table

Antique Camphor

Golden Lotus Antiques

This is Chinese antique side table/cabinet which is made of camphor wood is also get in touch with “Zhang Mu”. Normally camphor is made for trunk at the market place, so it is difficult to locate a cabinet is produced of camphor wood.

7. 19th C. South Asian Accent Table

19th C

Timberwolf Bay

This slender accent table has fairly detailing work on it. Adding a small vase makes it much more gorgeous by the minute.

8. Chinese Basic Square Wood Round Legs Table

Round Legs

Golden Lotus Antiques

Tables with round legs are minimal in the retailers presently simply because of the work carried out to it, but this Chinese table appears cute because of the color and the style.

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9. Colorful Ceramic Elephant Table

Ceramic Elephant


A wonderfully colored ceramic elephant side table. I can’t get enough of this!

10. Elmwood Ming Style Lamp Table

Ming Style

China Furniture and Arts

Despite the fact that this table will complement furnishings in practically any modern setting, the Ming table that inspired the design and style, with quadrangular legs terminating in horseshoe feet, dates back to the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 220).

11. Far East Elephant Table

Far East

Timberwolf Bay

This is 1 of the signature design and style for Thai furniture and decors – this elephant has beautiful floral detailing.

12. 19th C. South Asian Royal Side Table

Royal Side

Timberwolf Bay

Right here is an additional side table with an elephant in it. How random?

13. Leather Leading Ming Table

Leather Top

Tansu Design and style

Vintage leather top elm wood chow table. Can be utilized as a small coffee table or side table.

14. Moooi Frequent Comrades Seamstress

Moooi Common

UP Interiors

A clever personification of the simplicity of nation life, exactly where everybody knows ‘who’ you are and ‘what’ you do, the Typical Comrades table loved ones amuses us with its utilitarian simplicity &amp sincere soul.

15. Red Tibetan Accent or Coffee Table

Red Tibetan

Coffee Table Bargain

Red is a usual color used for Chinese furnishings, fixtures and decor – this signifies beauty and glory excellent details on the table top and the legs.

16. Ryokan

Daedal Woodworking

Daedal Woodworking

Matching set of bedside tables for the ryokan. Drawer and side panels designed following origami folds.

17. Employed Antique Chinese Accent Table

Used Antique


This piece was originally used as a stove in a Chinese residence. The leading panel has been replaced with old wood and the piece has been professionally refinished with a clear coat.

18. Vintage Chinese Rustic Red Lacquer Side Table

Rustic Red

Golden Lotus Antiques

This is an oriental modest cabinet with noodle shape style and round metal hardware.

19. 19th C. South Asian Nesting Tables

Asians Nesting

Timberwolf Bay

Timberwolf Bay has wonderful designs for their tables and cabinets – well, these are the ones that I just saw. But nesting tables remind me of the nesting dolls we have in the industry.

20. Vintage Elmwood Shanxi Table

Elmwood Shanxi

China Furniture and Arts

This vintage Shan-Xi table is unique and petite. Hand-carved of Elmwood with 1 drawer for practical storage. Excellent for foyer or hallway.

What do you think about the side and accent tables we have presented above? Just an additional data, Southeast Asian furniture such as Vietnamese, Indonesian, Javanese, and Balinese furnishings are now becoming much more prominent and appreciated.