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Motion Sensor Replacement –

A motion detector is critical if you want preserve your property safe. Motion detectors turn on exterior lights when they are necessary, which deters intruders and prevents falls in the dark. Sometimes you have to replace these electrical devices if they break. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1 – Acquire a new Detector

Acquire a new motion detector that has the exact same wattage as the one you are replacing. Ahead of beginning the project, figure out which circuit sends energy to the motion detector and turn it off from the breaker. If you want to be further cautious, turn off all the electricity in your residence. Check to make confident it is off before proceeding.

Step two – Get rid of old Fixture

Take away the old fixture by taking the screws out from the wall plate of the old motion detector. Reduce the black and white wires from the broken motion detector to get rid of it from the wall. If there are any additional open screw holes, fill them with caulk so that water does not get inside.  

Strip the plastic installation off the ends of the white and black wires that are in the wall utilizing wire strippers.

Step three – Set up new Detector

Connect the two white wires (the a single from the wall with the one particular on the back of the motion detector). Attach the two wires collectively with wire connector screws. Do the exact same factor with the black wires, securing the wires with each other with screws. If any added wire is a hanging out of the wall, push it into the switchbox and then place the new motion detector in the correct position. Secure the motion detector to the switchbox using the mounting screws that come with the detector. If you want, you can use the screws from the old switch.

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Step four – Make Adjustments

Now that the new motion detector has been installed, make adjustments to the sensitivity, light intensity, and timing. Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions to set the detector appropriately. All you have to do now is replace the wall plate.

Turn the power on at the circuit breaker and test to see if the motion detector is operating effectively.  


To hold the motion detector functioning nicely so that it doesn’t break down again, make certain you clean the lens after a month with a soft, damp cloth.  

Luckily, it really is quite simple to replace a motion detector sensor if it becomes broken, so if this occurs you don’t have to worry about replacing the entire fixture, like the lights. Motion detectors are excellent if you want to have extra light on the exterior of your residence that turns on automatically when you arrive.  

Motion detectors are also a good notion if you want to supply your loved ones with further safety. If an intruder enters your property, the motion detector turns on and illuminates any individual that crosses its path. This is an affordable way to deter burglars and any person who may possibly unlawfully trespass on your property.

Replacing a Motion Detector on Your Light