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Pantry Door Concepts –

Adding or updating a pantry to your kitchen doesn’t mean you have to stick with one thing simple. Right here are some creative methods to add a fashionable look to your pantry doors.

1. Glass Doors

Don’t be afraid of showing what you have in your pantry. Glass doors are a great way to add style to any kitchen. For a contemporary kitchen, a clear glass door will give you a sleek seeking pantry without having taking away from the all round look. If you want to hold the pantry shelves concealed consider a frosted glass alternatively.

If you want a truly unique way to improve your pantry doors, contemplate adding stained glass panels to the front of the door. You can do this to match your kitchen regardless of the general style. A stained glass pantry door will coordinate with anything from a easy rustic appear to an sophisticated stylized kitchen.

2. Multi-Function Doors

This is a great notion for an active family. Take into account adding a chalkboard to the front of the door. You can obtain a chalk board that will extend the whole length of the door. This will add style and function to your kitchen. You can say goodbye to lost sticky notes, appointment cards stuck to the frigde, and so on. This is also a excellent way to maintain kids busy and occupied while you perform in the kitchen. Merely hand them a box of colored chalk and have them draw a mural.

3. Concealed Doors

You can acquire added cabinet doors that match the cabinets you already have hung. Use these doors to spot more than the pantry door. Add hardware to make them appear like functioning cabinets, and no one particular will know it’s a pantry. This will give your kitchen a fully seamless appear without having a pantry door sticking out.

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four. Mural Doors

You can add a neat touch to your pantry door by painting a mural or other scene on the door. If you do not believe you’re creative enough to do this on your own, you can purchase wall paper panels produced specifically for doors that are murals. Any wall paper specialty shop will have these. They are accessible in a wide choice of styles, and are generally no far more than $ 70.

5. Tin Hole Punch

For a rustic or country kitchen, these are perfect. A layer of tin is punched with a design and style and you just press them on top of the current door. They are certainly unique and fairly affordable. It is a fantastic way to showcase the décor of your kitchen without having taking away from it with a pantry door.

six. Screen Doors

Why not add a entirely different appear by installing an old screen door to your pantry in lieu of a classic door. You can paint the frame any colour you wish, and you can even hold the screen in the door for an added touch. These can be identified at any hardware store. You may possibly want to hold an eye open at flea markets, antique shops and junk retailers for a far more aged appear.

Inventive Pantry Door Suggestions: 6 Fashionable Appears