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There are numerous reasons why some folks may want to add a refrigerator lock to their fridge and/or freezer. Some of them may possibly incorporate a curious kid, keeping a teenager out of the alcoholic beverages, or keeping that bottomless pit of a roommate out of your meals in the middle of the evening. Whatever your explanation for adding a lock to your fridge, this project can be an very easily completed by nearly anybody. Some fridge locks demand installers to drill holes into the fridge itself. Steer clear of buying these sorts of locks because it is quite dangerous to produce holes in any component of the fridge. People drilling holes can destroy the fridge by drilling into essential cooling elements, and electrocute themselves by doing so. Make positive to acquire fridge locks with the adhesive applying elements.

Step 1 – Cleaning The Fridge

The initial point that requirements to be completed is cleaning the front and side of the fridge where the lock is going to be applied. This is greatest done by applying the rubbing alcohol to the clean rag and scrubbing off any dirt or grime that may possibly be constructed up in the fridge’s surface. Some fridges with a larger quantity of filth could require a lot more scrubbing. The Clorox magic eraser will take away this intense grime. Cleaning the fridge is needed simply because if there is any leftover dirt, the refrigerator lock will come off, generating this time spent useless.

Step 2 – Apply the Lock Hinges

Right after enabling the rubbing alcohol to totally dry, apply the fridge lock hinges, preferably at the leading of the fridge. Most fridge lock hinges come with adhesive, so all you require to do is place one on the side of the fridge and 1 on the fridge door, exactly where they inter-lock. Make sure to apply as a lot pressure as possible to ensure the lifespan of your fridge lock. Permit the hinge adhesive to settle for about an hour, then give the lock a handful of firm tugs to make certain that the locks are firmly in spot.

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Step 3 – Decide on and Apply the Lock

Picking which type of lock you are going to use determines how safe your fridge is going to be. Padlocks with code entry are safe, but you want to make sure that you scramble the code soon after every single entry, so other residence tenants do not figure out the code. The safest locks would be locks with key entry. Padlocks with important entry can not be opened without having a essential, so unless your youngster is a lock picking mastermind, your fridge will be safe as lengthy as the essential stays with you, no matter whether it be in a safe location, or on your important ring. Right after applying the lock, you are finished installing your new refrigerator lock.

How to Set up a Refrigerator Lock