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Trim Router Uses –

There are numerous situations where being aware of how to use a trim router will come in handy. These smaller routers work excellently for routing smaller sized round-more than edges, chamfering sharp edges and offering cut-outs for hinges and other inlay operate. Due to their lightweight but tough building, trim routers are transportable and easy to use. In addition, their one horsepower motors generate small noise however offer great power. When it comes to expense, trim routers provide an superb bargain as a lot of can be purchased for less than $ one hundred.

Step 1, Router Preparation

As with virtually all machine tools, it is essential to commit time adjusting a trim router. The height adjustment is generally the only adjustment that should be made and is controlled by rotating a thumb screw left or correct. Another alternate version of trim router adjustment is the use of a rapid release lever to adjust the bit depth setting desired.

Prior to getting a trim router, it would also be wise to think about the ease with which router bits can be changed. Be conscious that, though some trim routers offer a feature that tends to make bit changing straightforward, on some trim routers the base actually needs to be removed to facilitate altering bits.

Step 2, Changing Router Bits

No matter whether a trim router is equipped with a stationary or changeable base, altering router bits can be achieved merely and rapidly by way of the use of either a set of wrenches or a single wrench with a locking spindle.

Step 3, Trim Router Applications

Based on the router bit utilised, trim routers can be utilized to round-over edges, leaving a smooth curved edge on trim pieces of wood. They can also be employed to make V-grooves in wood, or beaded edges on shelf trimming. With the correct bit and application, little moldings can be made quickly and very easily. Trim routers can be employed for “climbing or anti-climbing” cuts with no tear-out occurring.

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Using a straight edge router bit, trim routers can trim edging pieces on the ends of plywood. Cut a piece of trim slightly thicker than the plywood getting utilized, glue it on the edge of a piece of plywood, and trim it smoothly with a trim router.

Step 4, Routing Hinge Mortises

Trim routers are perfect for use in cutting out hinge mortises and smaller sized mortises for tendon joinery. Most of these machines come with a guide for these specialized applications. Alternatively, jigs can be fashioned which will lend greater flexibility to this exclusive and versatile machine.

A straightforward approach is to place the hinge on the side of the door and outline it with a sharp pencil. Adjust the depth of reduce for the straight edge bit which will match the thickness of the hinge leaf. Cautiously rout out the wood within the lines drawn by the sharp pencil.

Making use of a sharp chisel and mallet and clean up the rest of the waste wood from the routered-out hinge mortise. Dry match the hinge to insure a tight and safe fit. Apply screws and screw hinge firmly into the door.  

How to Use a Trim Router