Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Safari Toddler Beds

Safari Toddler Beds – Every single tiny boy dreams to get a bed that is transportation themed. Those are bed shaped like vehicles, boats, ships, trains, airplanes and even space ships. Providing boys these kinds of beds make them enjoy their bedrooms even a lot more and this will also aid create their inventive minds and imagination. That is why parents would give their boys beds that are shaped and made like actual transportation.

Amazingly, designers had come up with different versions of beds with this theme. These go properly with themed bedrooms for boys and like what we said, this will certainly make them really feel quite considerably excited and entirely unique. So, if you are currently seeking for toddler beds for your little pirate or car racer, then this could be the perfect list for you. Check on the pictures we have below so you will get tips on what you can get for your kid.

Racecar Toddler Bed

Toddler Beds

Kid Kraft

Add fun to your boy’s bedroom with this gorgeous racecar bed in red and blue.

Thomas &amp Buddies Train Toddler Bed

Thomas train

Little Tikes

Choo Choo! Go operating down the track with your little a single on this Thomas train. With this kind of bed, your storytelling just before bedtime will even be far more exciting!

Pirate Ship Toddler Bed

Transportation Themed

Little Tikes

Sail to the seas like a actual pirate on this pirate ship! Your kid can even sail with his Laloopsy Patch Treasurechest pirate doll.

Stock Car Convertible Bed

racing car bed


This racing auto bed grows with your kid for it can be extended from a crib to a twin size bed.

Boat Toddler Bed

boy Toddler Bed

Kid Kraft

Aside from getting an artistic addition to your boy’s bedroom, this boat bed also has a convenient storage compartment and decorative bed rails to keep your youngsters secure.

Bulldozer Toddler Bed

bulldozer Bed


Realistic details for a bulldozer are seen in this bed which will certainly make your kid really feel excited to go to bed at night!

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Disney Pixar’s Automobiles Lightning McQueen Plastic Toddler Bed

car Toddler Bed

Little Tikes

Your kid’s imagination will surely zoom like Lighting McQueen’s speed after he gets into this stunning plastic bed.

Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Toddler Bed

Toddler Beds


Let your little boy explore the Milky Way with this rocket inspired bed of Disney’s Buzz Lightyear.

Fire Truck Toddler Bed

Transportation Themed

Kid Kraft

Give your boy the feeling of getting a true fire fighter by providing him this fire truck bed. He would surely be as excited as a serene!

Corvette Bed with Lights

toddler bed designs


Nothing could be a lot more fascinating than a card bed with lights! It would surely be like running rapidly on a the road with the lights on.

Toddler Bed Frame- Airplane Theme

vintage top wing airplane


A vintage best wing airplane bed would be ideal for your youngster. This bed can also be a playpen for your tiny boy who is eager to soar high!

Pirate Ship Bed

pirate theme


Another bed with a pirate theme. It will look even far more pirate-y when you decorate the bedroom with these entire wonderful pirate items.

Safari Toddler Bed

Safari Bed

Hay Needle

Explore the wild with this Safari Bed. It will certainly bring in far more exciting adventures to your little ones for this bed is also best for their playtime.

Whar Pirate Ship Bed

Transportation Themed

Dream Rooms

Now this a single would surely give your kids a genuine pirate really feel simply because of its wooden finish, a steering wheel and a pirate flag.

Batman Single Bed

Toddler Beds


If your kid loves Batman, then this is the perfect bed for him! Let him save the planet whilst on this bed!

Isn’t this a fun list? Your small boy will certainly be happy once they have a bed like the ones above. Transportation inspired beds can really be wonderful for boys for this would boost their imagination and creativity. You can also appear into sports themed bedrooms if your tiny boy is athletic and loves sports far more than automobiles.