Shocking Facts About Cutting Cement Board

Cutting Cement Board –

Cutting cement board can be a messy and challenging job. Regardless of whether it is for a bathroom overhaul or a new appear for your kitchen, you will need cement board to properly install the ceramic tiles that will be the cornerstone of your home renovation. Trickier to cut than lumber or drywall, you will need the appropriate tools and the patience to take your time to do the job proper. With tiny area for mistakes, make certain you are ready just before starting you cement board project and you will be pleased with the final product.

Step 1 – Picking Tools

Depending on the cuts you will need to make and the size of your cement board, you will need to make confident you have the right tool on hand for the job. If you are cutting straight lines and your cement board is smaller than a 4-foot by four-foot square, a table tile saw is your very best selection. The saw’s guide will make certain your cuts are straight, and with an additional set of hands, cuts are produced swiftly and easily. For larger pieces of cement board, use a hand-held circular saw. Use a jig saw for reduce-outs and curved cuts.

All of these tools are obtainable at your neighborhood tool rental outlet. Make sure that you use either carbon or diamond-tipped blades to reduce cleanly through the cement. Inform the sales staff that you are cutting cement board and will be employing water, this way they can make certain that you have the proper tool for the job.

Step two – Preparing Function Location

With cement dust and chalky water flying from your saw blade, cutting cement board is quite messy. Usually have a tarp underneath your work location to catch dust and water, speeding up your cleaning time. If you are working inside, make confident your operate area is sealed off from the rest of the residence, maintaining dust to a minimum. When operating outside bear in mind that dust and water will stain the region exactly where they come out of the saw, and you will want to shield this with a tarp.

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Step 3 – Marking Your Reduce

For straight cuts, mark your cement board as you would a sheet of plywood. Measure off your distance and use a square and straight edge to make certain you line is marked properly. For circular cuts, hammer a nail into the center of your reduce, measure a string to the reduce-outs radius (half the size of the opening) and tie one end to the nail and the other to your marking pencil. This will give you a excellent circle to your desired size. For odd shaped reduce-outs, make a template employing cardboard 1st, then trace it on your cement board.

Step four – Wetting Down

Before cutting, use a bucket of water and sponge to wet your cement board down. You will want the surface to be wet without having being sloppy. Wetting your cement board will keep the quantity of dust down whilst you are producing your cut.

Step five – Producing the Cut

Using a table saw is the easiest option. Set the guide rail to your desired measurement and make your cut. Using a hand held circular saw is also straight forward bear in mind to take your time creating the reduce to make certain it is straight. When cutting in the center of your cement board, drill a pilot hole first to be able to insert your jigsaw blade. Bear in mind your saw blade is 1/8-inch thick and cut accordingly.

How to Cleanly Reduce Cement Board