Shocking Facts About Wood Oil Furnace

Wood Oil Furnace –

With the escalating prices of house heating in current years, numerous folks have begun to make use of a combination wood and oil furnace. This sort of furnace provides the homeowner flexibility in what they heat their residence with during the cold winter months. Although this is a excellent way to preserve some heating costs down, there are some possible issues connected with a combination wood and oil furnace. Here are a couple of of the troubles that you can watch out for for efficient use of your wood/oil furnace. 

Chimney Requirements

For any individual who is hunting into acquiring, or installing, a combination wood and oil burning furnace will want to pay very close consideration to the chimney specifications. Given that you are burning two various sorts of combustibles they have their own flue, draft, and cleaning needs. The technical specs on the variety of furnace you buy will establish the specific demands. Nonetheless, most of the time there are various flues for each of the heating services to function. 

Space Needs

After producing certain that the chimney is going to be sufficient for your furnace, the subsequent most critical problems spot to take a look at is the space where the furnace will go. The oil burning side of the furnace is not going to need a lot space. A lot of instances they can be closed in really tight quarters. Wood stoves, even so, considerably have a lot of space as they can get rise to intense temperatures. Installing a combination furnace will require at least three to six feet of clearance around the furnace to defend from fire. 

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Cleaning Specifications

An oil burning furnace will demand an annual cleaning to guarantee that is runs efficiently and with out any problems. The wood burning furnace must be cleaned each day. As wood is burned there are two items that accumulate within the burn chamber. 1st, you will have the ash. This should be removed to keep the air circulation at its most efficient. The second particle is creosote. This is not as a lot of a dilemma if you are burning process supplies such as wood pellets. Creosote can develop up very speedily, specially when the climate is quite cold and then turns warm. This excess construct up will trigger smoke to go all through the residence as an alternative of out the chimney.


The thermostat is the piece of hardware that runs the furnace with a temperature that you set. The thermostat is identified with any oil burning furnace. Some wood stoves can also be operated through a thermostat in a central location of the home. With a mixture oil and wood burning furnace you are going to require to rely on two distinct thermostat switches.

Air Flow

When you burn wood you must have an adequate air flow into the burn chamber so that the wood will burn at the right speed. If you mostly use the oil furnace and then switch to making use of wood, several homeowners overlook to verify their air damper on the chimney. This will lead to the smoke to be blown back into the house, or the wood to burn inefficiently.

Possible Troubles of a Wood/Oil Furnace Mixture