Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Replacing Stove Burners

Replacing Stove Burners –

An electric stove is possibly the most utilised appliance at home. As a result, it suffers considerable put on and tear. It is sensible to understand about the different parts of an electric stove and how to replace them on your own, so as to avoid unnecessary costs. If the burner of your electric stove does not heat, you should 1st verify/replace the components. If, nonetheless, the element is in operating situation, you will need to have to modify the burner receptacle. The burner receptacle is that element which is connected to the stove and holds the element. The element normally plugs into the receptacle.

Step 1 – Unplug the Stove

Before starting any work on any electrical appliance, it is greatest to unplug it from the energy outlet. Verify the back of your stove for a 220-volt plug, and get rid of it from the socket. If you cannot unplug the stove, switch off the circuit breaker that is connected to the power outlet. You should make certain that there is no power going into stove due to the fact you will be operating with bare wires.

Step two – Remove the Element

In order to eliminate the receptacle, you will first need to unplug the element and preserve it aside. Although most components simply unplug, you ought to refer to your owner’s manual for the correct technique of removing the element.

Step three – Get rid of the Receptacle

Once you have removed the element, prop up the stove lid. Most stove lids open up like a auto bonnet/hood. Next, unscrew the old receptacle. You will discover that the old receptacle is attached to the stove with two wires. These wires emerge from the back or from beneath the receptacle. Reduce these wires employing the wire cutter to entirely take out the receptacle. Make confident that you leave at least two inches of wire (connected to the stove) sticking out. This will come in handy in the next step.

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Step 4 – Attaching New Wires

Use the wire stripper or the utility knife to strip the wires (connected to the stove) such that there is no insulation material left on them. You ought to strip at least 1-fourth of an inch so that you are able to join them to new wires with ease. Next, attach the new wires (which are connected to the new receptacle) to these naked wires with the help of wire nuts. These wire nuts should be integrated in your receptacle replacement kit.

Step 5 – Screw on the New Receptacle

Once you have secured the wires tightly, screw on the new receptacle to the stove. The screws required for this need to also be incorporated in the replacement kit.

Step six – Finishing up

Right after you have secured the new receptacle, close the stove lid. Prior to re-plugging the stove or switching on the circuit breaker, make confident to plug in the element into the new receptacle.

Replacing the Burner Receptacle on Your Electric Stove