Unbelievable Facts About Replace Garage Door Panel

Replace Garage Door Panel –

Your garage door panels may possibly have been dented or damaged by means of misuse or they may just appear old and tired soon after a lot of years of wear and tear. Whatever the cause for unsightly garage door panels, you will want to replace them with a a lot more suitable option. Always make certain you get the proper garage door panels. Verify the make and the model of the current door since even if a garage door panel looks similar, it may not fit properly if the wrong type is selected.

Step 1 – Ordering the Panels

When you have established who created your garage door, you can order your garage door panels. In the case of older garages, you may have to speak to the manufacturer straight. Otherwise, you should be able to order the appropriate number of garage doors panels via a local organization that sells garage doors.

Step 2 – Removing the Panels

The initial issue you have to do is make positive your automatic garage door opener is unplugged if you have one particular fitted. When this is carried out, open the garage door manually and remove the springs. There’s a really great reason for doing this if you do not, there’s a very good likelihood the door could spring open although you are operating on it which could harm the new panels and result in injury.

Garage panels are usually joined to each other and will also have rollers on the side that run into the track that allows the garage door move up and down freely. Unless your door panel is at the prime, you’re going to have to remove the panels one by one till you reach the garage door panel you need to replace.

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To do this, you want to separate the prime panel from the one beneath it. It may well be screwed on or you might need to undo bolts with a ratchet and socket. When the panel has been loosened, lift it up till it comes off the finish of the track and set it aside. Do the very same for the panel under it and preserve going until you’ve removed the garage door panel that wants to be replaced.

Step three – Replacing the Panel

To place in the new panel slide the rollers into the track and reduced the panel down slowly until it’s touching the panel beneath it. This panel will nevertheless be in place on the garage door. Attach the new panel to the a single beneath it, employing either screws or a bolt, depending on the existing fastening on the door.

Reattach the other panels in the order you removed them until the complete garage door is back in place. Check all the fastenings are tight. Place the springs back, creating confident they’re both safe in the holes and tightly fitted. Plug the garage door opener back in. Test the garage door by operating the opener to check that that panels slide up and down smoothly.

Step four – Finishing

Your new garage door panel probably won’t be the same colour as the other panels. You can finish the job properly by repainting the complete garage door so all the panels match and appear fresh.

4 Actions to Replacing Garage Door Panels