Unbelievable Facts About Widening A Doorway

Widening A Doorway –

Occasionally an interior door is just not wide sufficient to be functional. In houses built in the war time era, they had been produced compact in form and function for that time. Today’s normal is a 36 inch doorway. This permits for almost everything from bulky furniture to wheelchairs to move about freely from one particular side of the doorway to the other. If you live in a property that is nevertheless quite compact, with tiny doorways, you can widen the doorway in just a weekend. Here is how:

Step 1 – Prepare Your Region

Eliminate any furniture that is close to the door. Put down drop cloths in the space you are working to protect your flooring surface.

Step 2 – Remove the Old Door

First, remove the old door. Pop off the hinges and pull up on the door. It need to lift up effortlessly. If you cannot pop the hinges with your fingers, then attempt the flat side of a hammer or a small chisel. Unless they have rusted in spot, they must come up relatively very easily. As an added helper, you can grease or oil the door hinges to assist pull the door up and off.

Step three – Remove the Door Moulding

Most doorways have moulding on the tops and the sides. Take away all the moulding. Generally, you can use the same chisel you pulled out in step 1 to pull back on the moulding. It must pop appropriate off. If there is casing on the inside of the doorway, remove the casing as effectively.

Step four – Produce a Little Hole

You now want to discover out what is behind the wall. Create a little 2×2 square hole in the wall subsequent to the doorway. Use your flashlight to appear inside the wall. Make confident you will not disturb any electrical wire or plumbing.

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Step five – Cut the Wall

Using your saw, cut the wall board (Sheetrock) all the way up. If you are not handy at cutting along a straight line, make certain you mark off your wall 1st making use of a chalk line and a level.

Step six – Remove the Framing

Once you have cut away the sheetrock, you will nevertheless see the framing. You want to remove the framing by cutting the nails that secure the doorjamb in place. Use a reciprocating saw, as it does a wonderful job at cutting through nails. Take away the studs completely.

Step 7 – Install New Framing

Now, set up new framing with 2x4s or 2x6s (depending on what has been employed for your current wall).  Measure the opening of your doorway to make sure it is big adequate. Constantly allow an added couple inches for framing and casing

Step 8 – Add Sheetrock and Spackle

Install Sheetrock to your newly framed opening. Start off at the prime corner and function down. If you are adding a number of pieces of Sheetrock, keep in mind to tape and spackle the joints. Spackle any screws that have been utilized to put the drywall up. Verify that the drywall is plumb by employing a level.

Step 9 – Add Trim and Door

Put new trim up by tacking it into spot with a couple finishing nails. If you have been in a position to save the old trim, you can reuse that instead. Add your door hinges and your new door.

Widening Doorways for Interior Doors