Here’s What No One Tells You About Drill Press Stand Plans

Drill Press Stand Plans –

If you don’t have anywhere to place your drill press, take into account building a drill press stand. This stand will have to be really sturdy because it should bear a heavy load and withstand intense vibrations. The precise style and configuration of the stand you style will depend on your needs. If you just want to bring the drill closer to eye level, then a straightforward style will suffice. If you call for storage space or mobility, think about designs with shelves, cabinets and wheels.

Step 1 – Decide on a Workplan

If you only need a location to rest your drill press on you can create a simple but sturdy stand. Lay out 2×4-inch boards into a rectangular frame with vertical posts and crossbeams. The stand should be wide adequate that the drill press will not fall. Sketch out a diagram to support with the building later. If you are confident in your carpentry capabilities you can acquire blueprints for far more complicated styles. These frequently resemble 2-drawer filing cabinets with wheels. In fact, if you have such a filing cabinet obtainable, you can simply convert it into a drill press stand. Raise the height of the cabinet by standing it on a frame of 2×6-inch boards, then bolt the drill press to a plywood sheet on best of the cabinet.

Step 2 – Receive Materials and Prep Lumber

Gather all the materials required for your selected style. If you are adding wheels, you may want to obtain casters with brakes due to the weight of the drill press. Reduce the boards and plywood sheets according to your measurements. Drill guide holes at the website of joints. Some of the more complicated designs will call for you to reduce notches or grooves for shelving. Ahead of laying out the wooden pieces, inspect them for rough edges, flaws or irregularities. Sand these down if essential.

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Step 3 – Assemble Stand

Assemble the frame by gluing and screwing joints with each other. Then fasten the plywood sheets at the best and sides. Assemble the drawers if the program consists of them. If you are using molding pieces as trim, attach them at the edges with a hammer and finishing nails. If you are adding wheels, the last step is to screw the casters on to the bottom.

Step four – Sand and Finish

Soon after the glue has dried, sand the piece smooth and finish it with numerous coats of paint, stain, or varnish. This will protect against abrupt failure due to wood rot.

Step five – Add Drill Press

Location the press on the stand. It should not bend, lean or wobble. In some instances, you might wish to bolt the press to the best of the stand.

How to Construct a Drill Press Stand