Shocking Facts About How To Decorate A Shadow Box

How To Decorate A Shadow Box – Adding accessories such as entertaining shadow boxes can speedily turn your residence into a residence.

A shadow box is like a image frame but with shelves constructed in for you to add and show your personal items, collectibles or loved ones heirlooms.

Amazing How To Decorate A Shadow Box

Amazing How To Decorate A Shadow Box

Lovely How To Decorate A Shadow Box

Lovely How To Decorate A Shadow Box

Luxury How To Decorate A Shadow Box

Luxury How To Decorate A Shadow Box

Ideal How To Decorate A Shadow Box

Ideal How To Decorate A Shadow Box

Awesome How To Decorate A Shadow Box

Awesome How To Decorate A Shadow Box

Right here is how to decorate your residence with a shadow box.

Empty Walls

Spruce up bare bedroom walls by hanging up a enjoyable shadow box that holds your favored factors such as glass collections or dolls.

Kid’s Bedrooms

Place kids’ keepsakes into shadow boxes such as trophies or their sporting awards and hang above their desks or beds so they can usually see their accomplishments.


Show loved ones heirlooms like dishes, silver spoons, and tea cups, in different size shadow boxes and hang them in the hallway or close to the front door where guests can gaze and admire.

Wedding Products

Box and show off things from your particular day in a massive shadow box painted white and decorated by hand with artificial flowers and lace glued on the frame.

Put on Tables

If you do not want to hang your shadow box, you can also lean it against desks, fireplace mantels or put it on a table. Use them as accent pieces related to picture frames to add warmth to the home.

Military Memories

Spot military keepsakes from time of service inside shadow boxes for an ode to yesteryear. Use speak to paper or specialty paper as a background with military insignia or theme purchased at craft shops glued to the inner backing of the shadow box.

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Add a shiny coat of paint to any shadow box to give it a more individual touch. For instance, for a tiny girl’s space use a light shade of pink or for a tiny boy’s area, a light shade of blue.

Sequins, Beads

Glue any sort of beads, crystals, buttons or sequins to the exterior of the frame for some glitz and glamour. Acquire alphabet beads and spell out kid’s names and glue them on the front of the shadow box.

Contact Paper

Be inventive and reduce out numerous pieces of colored or patterned contact paper and adhere it to the outer frame of the box. Use stripes, stars, flowers, shiny or textured to give your shadow box a enjoyable flair.

Jazzy Jewels

If you gather costume jewelry or have some keepsakes from your favourite aunt, pin the jewels on a piece of reduce black or purple velvet fabric. Then, place the velvet on a tough surface such as a sturdy piece of cardboard. Use the cardboard as the backing that is placed inside of the shadow box prior to closing it up tight. The pins should hold the products in location and preserve them from sliding downward.

Enjoyable Fabrics

Use colorful fabric scraps that you may have around the house by cutting them into strips and cover the wood frame of the shadow box. Adorn with satin ribbons, and other trims like lace to put your personal individual stamp on the box.