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Sorts Of Attic Vents –

There are many kinds of attic ventilation fixtures, from windows to vents. How the attic is developed and employed will in component establish what type of ventilation is necessary. For example, an attic that is appropriate for living may consist of windows or skylights, whereas an attic that is tiny far more than a crawlspace could just have vents. The following are 6 widespread kinds of attic ventilation.


Windows provide ventilation as effectively as a view. Most probably, attics that are big enough to walk upright in comfortably will have windows to help preserve the space ventilated.


Skylights will only work for ventilation if they are capable to open. Like other windows, they no only let light into an attic, they also let in air.

Ridge Vents

This type of attic vent runs along the length of the ridge of the roof. It is one lengthy and narrow vent.

Box or Dome Vents

These varieties of vents are fixed to the roof itself and derive their names from their shapes.

Gable Vents

Not surprisingly, gable vents are found in properties with gable roofs. Gables are the flat walls of the attic at right angles to the sloping ceiling/walls. The vents are installed directly in the siding close to the roof.

Soffit Vents

Vents discovered on the soffit or the underside of the overhang of the roof are known as soffit vents. Soffit vents provide intake, while ridge vents or box vents higher up supply exhaust.

As you can see, different varieties of attic ventilation fixtures exist for the a number of locations of the roof and attic exactly where ventilation is necessary.

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six Sorts of Attic Ventilation