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How To Cut Plastic –

Plastic wall panels are an low-cost way to dress up a room. They’re simple to clean and easy to set up. However, fitting them implies you’ll initially require to cut them to fit the wall. Alternatively, you may require to make cuts for a pipe or an outlet box. Cutting plastic wall panels is not a specifically challenging job but you will require to be studious and precise for the paneling to look excellent.

Step 1: Measuring and Testing

Measure the wall to check what size you require the plastic wall panels to be. Next, measure out the wall panel itself, with the completed side up, and mark the measurements onto the surface of the panel. What you use to cut the panel depends on the kind of panel itself. If it’s difficult plastic. you will be able to use a hacksaw. If the plastic is softer, you ought to be able to use tin snips.

The greatest signifies of testing the panel for cutting is to take a scrap piece of the plastic wall panel and try the tin snips initial. If the panel is also difficult, it will rapidly snap or crack. If it is as well soft, the plastic will stretch a tiny when reduce with tin snips. In both of these conditions, use a hacksaw alternatively. 

Cut with the completed side up and if you use a hack saw, make positive the blade is of a very fine grading. You can score and cut any small edges with a utility knife. The main issue to be positive of is that you reduce exactly on the marked line. It’s greatest if you go slowly and check every single so typically that you are keeping to the line. The fine blade on the hacksaw with aid you get a smoothly completed edge.

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Step 2: Cutting a Hole

When you want to cut a hole to go around a pipe or an outlet box, you will need to have to employ a distinct approach. Very carefully mark the dimensions of the hole you need to have on your plastic wall panel.

In the center of the hole, use the drill with a ½-inch bit to punch via the plastic, drilling through from the completed side. This will give you a massive adequate opening in which to use your jab saw. Really carefully use this to reduce out the hole, keeping strictly to the lines you’ve drawn on the wall panel.

If you want to finish the hole, use really fine sandpaper only on the hole itself or the back side of the plastic. Never ever use sandpaper on the finished side of the panel or you will scratch it and render it unusable.

Step 3: Cutting Tiny Sections

You may run into a situation where you want to cut off little pieces of the panel such as when you need to fit about a window sill. In this instance, mark out the location to be reduce with a pencil and use a utility knife. Score the lines with the blade and gradually work your way by way of with out trying to rush it.

You must be capable to attain a completely clean reduce. Nonetheless, if the edges are rough, clean up with really fine sandpaper but only on the edge itself or the back of the plastic wall panel.

How to Cut Plastic Wall Panels