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If you’re employed to taking hot showers in your mobile residence, then stepping in one particular day to discover that your water is consistently lukewarm or ice-cold might be a rude awakening. If that takes place, you must test your electric water heating element. Towel off, and head to the breaker panel with a screwdriver and two meter probes handy.

A lot of tiny appliances contain heating elements, which are merely pieces of metal wire that resist a controlled electric existing to generating heat. The heat stemming from the wires is what your water heater utilizes to warm your water. If your heating element is broken, it isn’t properly converting the electrical energy flowing to its wires into heat. Heating elements are pretty easy to test and repair nevertheless, you ought to only attempt either if you are knowledgeable functioning with electricity.

Uncover the switch that offers your water heater power, and shut it off. Use the screwdriver to remove the cover(s) (there are usually up to two) more than the thermostats and components. At this point, you should see plastic shields over the element connections – very carefully snap these off. You need to have to be definitely certain that you never electrocute yourself, so double-verify that you have effectively turned off the water heater’s power by setting your meter probe to “volts” and gently touching the probe to the element’s screws.

At this point, one particular of two factors need to happen: your meter need to beep, or its needle should sway way over to the side. If you locate that neither of these factors occurs, then there is no power, and your meter settings are incorrect. Changing your meter setting to “ohms” or “resistance” till you hear a beep or see the needle jump need to solve the issue.??

At this point, very carefully get rid of the two wires connected to the element. If you’re not certain which component of the water heater is the element, preserve in mind that most components are modest, rectangular-shaped boxes with screws installed along their edges and two distinct-colored knobs/buttons at opposite ends. Gently touch the heating element’s screws with your meter probe.

Now that you know your meter is functioning correctly, the final results from the test ought to be trustworthy. If the meter beeps or the needle sways to the far side, then your heating element is in fine working situation, and the issue might potentially be brought on by a dysfunctional thermostat, which is a entire other can of worms. If your meter does not beep or the needle only moves a tiny bit, it’s time to replace your malfunctioning heating element.

If your heating element failed the test, it wants to be replaced. In order to do this yourself, you need to purchase a particular wrench from either the nearest property improvement shop or mobile house repair shop. The wrench is especially made to get rid of the element from the water heater.

Some varieties of water heaters may come with their elements bolted in, as a result eliminating the need to have for a wrench. They are extremely uncommon in water heaters built for mobile houses. Acquire a new heating element with the exact same size and wattage of your old one at the identical time that you get the wrench. A new heating element must only expense around $ 15.

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Now it’s time to commence replacing your heating element. Initial and foremost, turn off the power to your water heater to keep away from electrocution. Drain all the water from its tank. If at this point, you locate that your heating element is too corroded or in such poor situation that you can’t remove it without damaging the water heater itself, then it may well be sensible to think about buying a new water heater totally.

If your heating element seems to be safe sufficient to tamper with, eliminate its wires, then take away the heating element. Set up the new heating element which you have bought at the store. Do not turn the power to the water heater back on till you have 1st filled its tank back-up with water.

If you turn the energy on even though the tank is empty, you will destroy the element that you just installed. Right after successfully completing these steps in the appropriate order, your newly fixed water heater should be ready to use.??If the heating element passed the meter probe test, then the dilemma with your water heater is most most likely a malfunctioning upper or reduced thermostat. Some mobile house water heaters will contain only a single thermostat. That is perfectly normal. In order to test the thermostat, the very first step is eliminate its metal cover plate and check the status of the higher limit switch button.

This button trips when the temperature of the water becomes as well hot. In so performing, it shuts off power to any thermostats your heater might have. There is normally a red button which you can press to reset the higher limit switch, but it normally implies some thing else is incorrect with your water heater when the switch is tripped. The switch should not simply be reset and ignored.??

If the button has been tripped, reset it, then use your meter probes to see if the thermostat is transmitting power (sending voltages) to the heating element. If that is the case, and the heating element nevertheless is not getting hot, then it is a direct sign that your heating element demands to be replaced. Ought to you discover that the thermostat is not transmitting power to the heating element at all, then it means your thermostat needs to be replaced.??

Restoring hot water to your mobile home’s water heater is as straightforward as self-testing and replacing your heating element or thermostat. Now that you know how, you will save money on repairman charges and enjoy each and every steaming bath and shower you take.

Testing and Repairing a Mobile Home’s Electric Water Heater